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The Transformation of Hamas

Don't be naïve...

The author of the article does not follow the news. Just a few days ago, missiles were fired from Gaza into Israel. Moreover, the Hamas covenant and declarations of senior Hamas members suggest the opposite of the childish naïve wishfull thinking of the author. As long as Muslims will not abolish the concept of WAQF, the Holy Land is Islamic property not to be sold to Jews and Christians, there will not be peace. Read the Hamas covenant.

Regarding the relations between Hamas and Fatah, Israel is absolutely not involved. It is clear, however, that Israel cannot allow Hamas into the West Bank. Hamas proved that they cannot be trusted. Lastly, if Hamas wants coexistence with Israel they should start by teaching their children that Israel is not Satan and Jews are not apes. See what Hamas is saying!

Isaac Barr, MD

Bloomfield, MI

Feb 7 2011 - 12:32am