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Thank you, Philip Connors, for bringing the pictures and voices back to life from A River Runs Through It and Ranger, Cook and A Hole in the Sky! I could vividly see and hear many scenes from these pictures. Impressive writing! Like you, I reread A River Runs Through It at least once a year and watch the DVD many times. It reminds me of my two sons when they were growing up, so full of life! Although their lives were not as traumatic as Norman's and Paul's, they have run somewhat parallel. I wrote a poem about them that was published in an anthology. It was rather dark, but it was the one they published! My husband asked me where I got that one, and I told him that it came from deep within my soul. Anyway, thank you, Mr. Connors, for giving me the courage to begin writing again, as I have not for quite a while.

Maryalice Kemper

Rising Sun, IN

Mar 31 2009 - 10:40am