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Norman Ravitch, in his letter below, seems to be under the impression that the Constitution is like the Bible, a document that boasts over 600 versions. Sorry to disappoint him, but the Constitution is the only one of its kind, and the equal protection clause happens to be a time-tested amendment. He asserts that the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriages in the first place is not a federal but a state ruling--this is based on the state constitution, which appropriately reflects the nation's. Ravitch may not remember or believe this, but blacks used to be prevented in fact, barred by law, to marry whites. In Virginia, it was not until 1967 that that wholly illegal statute was struck down.

I too am not particularly interested in seeing men marry men or women marry women, but I also recognize that marriage is an institution, subject to equal protection under the law to all. Ravitch's prejudices don't merit a hoot. As for the Guantánamo "detainees," as human beings on our soil, they like anyone else are now under our laws. If a foreign immigrant breaks one of our laws, he/she is due the prosecution he/she deserves. We cannot prosecute anyone according to our laws but deny them the same rights any accused person has under our laws. You cannot have it both ways.

It's people who consistently think along the lines of thought Ravitch has expressed who, frankly, make this world a more dangerous place in which to live. I can only hope he is not fully in their camp.

Riad Mahayni

Richmond, VA

Jun 13 2008 - 2:58pm

Web Letter

If it were not enough that the California Supreme Court ruled against traditional marriage with no real justification except ideology, now the Federal Surpeme Court has extended rights to terrorists. What this means is that Barack Obama is sunk. McCain can claim with justification that the issue of judicial appointments points to his victory and not Obama's. If the left would only learn, but it is incapable of learning.

The left refuses to understand SALVS POPVLI SVPREMA LEX.

Norman Ravitch

Savannah, GA

Jun 12 2008 - 6:21pm

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