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I had never heard of New Voices, but after reading Eyal Press's article, I was curious enough to dip into the archives of New Voices, finding an article titled "A Lonely Struggle: Pro-Israel students confront anti-Israel activism on campus, while the Jewish community plays catch-up." The article characterized the campus debate as "pro-Israel" vs. "anti-Israel." The "pro-Israel" activists on campus rely on AIPAC, as well as help from Orly Gil, the Israeli consul for academic affairs in New York. (Did you know that Israel had a consul for academic affairs? I didn't.) There is no mention whatsoever of any American Jews or Israeli Jews who are critical of Israeli policy. The article gave absolutely no hint that being "pro-Israel" might involve defending some awful policies.

"New Voices" sounds a lot like the "Old Voices" at Commentary, Dissent, The New Republic, not to mention Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer etc.

There must have been some reason they didn't receive their promised funding. Perhaps their efforts on behalf of Israel was not ardent enough.

John Farley

Henderson, NV

Apr 27 2007 - 7:21am