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Sarah Palin fully fits the archetype The Terrible Mother described by Erich Neumann in his book The Great Mother. This archetype directly links the birth of children, i.e., life, to the killing of persons or things, i.e., death.

In photospreads on Palin she is simultaneously depicted, with her five children, as an Earth Mother, and as a killer. One sees the blood of a moose she has killed dripping onto the snow. She expertly wields a rifle used by men in war. She gladly sends her son off to go to war in Iraq. A dead bear almost droops over her on a sofa. The aggressive and war-like aspects of sport should not be disregarded either.

At a recent meeting, the audience, incited by Palin, began to shout, "Kill, kill, kill!" They were referring to Obama.

This woman must be stopped. In her wake will come war and death.

Marietjie Luyt

Pretoria, South Africa

Oct 8 2008 - 5:57am

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