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Thank you. I'm glad someone finally said it. Our so-called "liberal media" has really let us down on this one.

No one is explaining when and why this procedure is used. An OB/GYN friend of mine explained that these procedures are only used when something is seriously wrong with the fetus. For example, the fetus doesn't have a brain. Or the brain is outside the skull.

These are by and large women who have no choice. They can have an abortion now or they can wait, go through the agony of delivery, and watch their new baby die a horrible death a few hours after birth. What kind of choice is that? These abortions are still going to happen. They'll just be less safe.

Now these women, who really wanted to have a healthy baby but just found out they can't, must undergo a more dangerous procedure that risks puncturing their internal organs and has a higher risk of causing sterility.

Thanks, Justice Kennedy. You're a real Christian.

Annette Luther

Minneapolis, MN

May 4 2007 - 7:29am

Web Letter

Thank you, Katha, for laying bare the whole ugly story of this Supreme Court decision. We are truly on the slippery road to a nightmare world where women’s lives are valued less than the microscopic cells of an embryo. The anti-woman right wing pretends they are the only ones with a moral stance. But many mainstream religions do value women’s lives. Judaism, for example, I believe maintains as a moral principle that an adult woman is valuable to her family and society, and if a fetus inside her attacks her health, a doctor has a moral duty to save the woman first. Her family would agree. And ordinary common sense tells us the same thing. I will send a donation to NYAAF as you suggest.

Nina Walls

Ridley Park, PA

Apr 30 2007 - 4:37pm