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An important aspect of the nomination of Michael Mukasey to the post of Attorney General seems to have been overlooked. That is the possible ramifications due to his role as judge in the trial and conviction of the so-called "Blind Sheik," Omar Abdel-Rahman, for his role in the terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

We should remember that one of the two principle demands of Osama bin Laden leading to his declaring war on the United States was the release of Abdel-Rahman (the other being the removal of the US military from Saudi Arabia).

Installing Mr. Mukasey as Attorney General will almost surely be seen as a slap in the face to jihadists worldwide, and to many more moderate Muslims as well. Congress should consider the possible ramifications of confirming Mukasey. Do we really wish to insult the pool of terrorists yet again?

Daniel Glennon

Oakland, CA

Oct 15 2007 - 11:37pm

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