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Kudos to The Nation for running this excellent essay. It is heartening to see coverage of progressive faith-based activism on issues of poverty and justice. Hopefully we will see more of this type of work, and this type of exposure, in the future.

Noah Leavitt

Walla Walla, WA

Sep 18 2007 - 11:18am

Web Letter

This is probably the best article I have seen on The Nation regarding Jewish progressives. It certainly is alarming that healthcare costs are still skyrocketing, and it takes motivation and leadership to bring upon change.

A year ago, I was struggling to find decent healthcare coverage, and I was often turned down due to a pre-existing condition I have that is not debilitating. Fortunately, I was able to find an HMO plan that works well for me, and it doesn't cost me a whole lot when it comes to the copayments. Hence, I would recommend Kaiser Permenente's copayment plans to help those who are financially struggling, where there appears to be a lesser likelihood of being turned down.

All in all, you take what you can manage, and universal health coverage (or insurance) is an ideal mean to get equal healthcare for everyone. Thus, health coverage must be unconditional, and never turn anyone down just because of a particular pre-existing condition.

Nicholas Rosen

Great Falls, VA

Sep 13 2007 - 5:20pm

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