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The Progressive Honor Roll of 2010

Pass the word for Thom, please

‘Tis the Season for end-of-the-year giving. I have little left over to share this year. I am deeply sorry about that—there are so many worthy causes... I want to tell you where my $20 is going (after a donation to progressive causes, of course!) in the hope that some fellow progressive out there might have the heart to make a larger gift. Many of us know progressive leader, author and radio host Thom Hartmann well. Fewer know of his previous life as a rescuer of intensely traumatized children. In 1979 Thom and Louise Hartmann founded the New England Salem Children’s Village. Based on the work of the great humanitarian Gottfried Müller, Salem’s Children’s Village provided a family setting for the healing of children so abused and neglected that no other path out of their nightmares existed. That village is still there, still saving lives and minds and spirits, still providing a door that is always open to the survivors of abuse that pass through those doors and out into the world; teaching love instead of hate, generously providing kindness instead of madness. I have been moved to simply reach out and ask: Please. Please. Fellow progressive fans of Thom Hartmann, support this work. Thom and Louise have done so much to expand the progressive movement and widen the circle of love, caring and concern. You and I are a part of that family circle—and it is the New Year... Please pass this on to your friends and associates. Thank you.

The New England Salem Children’s Village
PO Box 600
Rumney, NH 03266

Happy New Year!

J. Sea

Seattle, WA

Dec 28 2010 - 4:37pm

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