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Scheer hypocrisy. You sit on some sort of pedestal, equipped with a crystal ball that tells only Robert Scheer what candidates will or will not deliver what we all want.

You disregard the difficulty, as this last week illustrates, of any nuanced intelligent thought--the simplest of truths--getting past the Clinton distortion filter in a Democratic race.

Obama is a genuine candidate of depth and clarity. Your beliefs are based on position statements that are designed because of the nature of the time frame we are in, to be all-purpose candidate statements spoken a year before the winning candidate takes office and inherits a different climate entirely.

You cannot even claim that Dennis Kucinich could live up to his campaign promises if he were to take the White House in 2009--because of the nature of campaigns in real time.

The public is better at judging, sensing, knowing in our gut who really cares for the plight of the battered American than you, genius.

Richard Ray Harris

Desert Hot Springs, CA

Jan 24 2008 - 2:10am

Web Letter

I am in complete agreement with this article. I have already voted by absentee ballot for Kucinich, and, for the reasons put forth in this article, I do not regard my vote as wasted. My vote would have been wasted, if I had voted for the top three democrats. I do not regard it as sensible to vote for people who do not represent me or the interest of the American People generally.

I watched Senator Clinton on C-SPAN give a speech to Silicon Valley executives, and she promised them more cheap guest computer workers from India to take the work from American computer workers. She is also "proud" to be the co-chair of the Indian Lobby in Congress. The people of New York may think she represents them, but in reality, she represents Silicon Valley and the business interests of India.

How many high-tech workers in New York is she going to put out of work? Seventy percent of the American economy depend on ordinary consumers (workers)! What happens to that economy, when wages get so low they cannot support it? How about recession and possibly depression? It is happening now on Wall Street.

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Jan 23 2008 - 4:46pm

Web Letter

Reregulating an antiquated system is only a Band-aid on a broken leg.

The debt-based fractional banking system can survive 0nly with ever-increasing debt, but the consumer is tapped out and business is cutting back. With no new debt being written, a tsunami of bad loans, systemic risk model failure and mistrust between banks, the die is cast, a meltdown that will shake our country to its core.

The debt-based fractional banking system needs ever-more goods to increase the debt to survive. We now know that this means environmental catastrophe. What is needed is a government-backed currency based on the economy, not on ever-increasing debt, a "greenback" system.

Ask yourself one question: Why do we have a National Debt, costing trillions of interest over time, when the government could legally create the money to pay it off ?

Money as debt : The video they don't want you to see.

Michael McKinlay

Hercules, CA

Jan 23 2008 - 4:24pm

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