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As a fan of both Susan Sontag's On Photography and Roland Barthes's Camera Lucida, I read this extensive and referential review of two new photography books with a constant question reverberating in my brain: Where are we going?

I'm glad that The Nation publishes such pieces, but a thousand (or more) ideas about what the author achieved can be debated here. I will buy both books and read them. And then, as an ex-journalist who now does documentary photography with digital cameras, I will continue to worry about what is "authentic" photography, what is photojournalism and what is photo art.

From this piece, I take the notion of interactivity and photography as a good idea. Yet those digital corners, I'm just not sure I'll like them. :-)

Carol Reese Dykers

Winston-Salem, NC

Mar 4 2009 - 12:37am

Web Letter

"Many of the artists Fried champions also manipulate their photographs on computers and criticize neoliberalism's symptoms: [...] uneasiness about claiming an inner self in a maze of ideological mirrorings."

What the hell is the author talking about?

Dennis Donohue

Manhattan, NY

Mar 2 2009 - 8:22pm

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