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The frightening and absurd coming candidacy of Sarah Palin, is the very reason that the founding fathers created the buffer of the electoral college between the office of the presidency and the misleadable and highly dupable public. Though they couldn't have foreseen the power of modern mass communications, they understood fully the real possibilty of the fickleness of an electorate driven by baser emotions, and an utter lack of reasoning and understanding.

Six months ago I predicted to family and friends that Obama would be a one-termer and that Sarah Palin would be the next president--mainly because a total lack of political sophistication and dullness are not weaknesses in our system but assets.

John Giarratana

Jersey City, NJ

Nov 22 2009 - 8:53am

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I wrote to Oprah and to Facebook. I demanded to know why anyone would give this person TV time, read her book or give her anything. She is the same idiot who knew Russia because she's seen it from Alaska isn't it? She makes me sick, and I'm glad Oprah is leaving her show because it's about the worst thing, other than Jerry Springer or Phil Dyer, that has ever appeared on television and it gives air time to those who deserve air to breathe only because I'm against the death penalty.

I have donated to The Nation twice, although I have very little money. Losing the print media, particularly books and The Nation would be a tragedy. People cannot read anymore unless it's on a computer screen, and I know people who are so lazy, they want me to look things up for them when they have their own computers.

Carla Herwitz

Fall River, MA

Nov 20 2009 - 12:33pm

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I seem to recall Hillary Clinton claiming to be one-half of a couple victimized by a "vast right-wing conspiracy." Then, before the last presidential election, Clinton made up with Rupert Murdoch, the alleged leader of said conspiracy. A question re that reconciliation: Did Clinton reconcile with Murdoch despite what Murdoch did to her husband (who happened also to be president of the US) or because of what she knew Murdoch could do to her?

Hillary Clinton voted to enable a war in favor of which she possessed no evidence, thereby rendering herself forever unable to impeach Bush without first impeaching herself.

If Sarah Palin were to correct her course and to disengage from the folks who, Blumenthal claims, took her in, to which female Democrat would Blumenthal suggest Palin look for inspiration?

J.E. Bernecky

Westover, PA

Nov 20 2009 - 9:05am

Web Letter

When there is money to be had, they get cannibalistic.

Bud Ilic

Bloomington, Il

Nov 16 2009 - 8:47pm