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After listening endlessly to talking heads salivating over the supposed rift in the Democratic Party between Obama and Clinton supporters, it was very interesting to read someone writing about what may be an even deeper chasm among the Republicans. I spent a few hours one afternoon talking to two lifelong Republicans who are going to vote for Obama and a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in their lives. They are both fed up with how the religious right has hijacked their party. They remember a Republican party that wanted to stay out of peoples' private lives and bedrooms.

Both were also disgusted with fiscal irresponsibility and rampant deficits that seem to have become the hallmark of their party.

I wonder how many other "Republicrats" are out there and why is no one talking about them? I managed to find two without even looking.

Albert H. Johnson

Kirkwood, MO

Sep 8 2008 - 3:19pm

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