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I disagree with Mr. Wiener. Security clearance as a requirement is not an intrusion into a person's life. Many of us who have worked in the computer industry must have security clearance to handle sensitive data, such as Mr. Wiener's credit card data. The data has to be stored somewhere. Someone has to be able to move that data around so that Mr. Wiener can use his credit card on the Internet. Remember that these college students are adults and should be treated as adults.

I suspect Mr. Wiener's intent in this article is that government and people working for the government lose their willpower to make independent and rational decisions. Also, this article's title leads the reader to assume that we have elected an emperor or a kaiser. I don't think you can blame Barack Obama for getting elected. I believe that if you would ask President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, President George H. Bush and President Jimmy Carter if the would recommend the job, their replies might surprise you.

President Obama might even be more charismatic than Adolf Hitler. He is president during some tense economic and political times, like Adolf Hitler. The period after World War I was a frustrating time, when Germany was punished by the Treaty of Versailles and the world depression. I think President Obama is doing exactly the right thing to ensure the safety of our country for thirty years to come. I wish people on the left and the right would quit. Groups on either side of the political spectrum are very jealous of what President Obama has obtained, they have confused themselves and written it off as their own personal prejudice that we all have, creeping up inside of them. Relax, they are not prejudiced. They are just normally jealous. The president is just an extra-special person; get used to it.

Mark Schlueter

Parker, CO

Sep 20 2009 - 5:41pm

Web Letter

A security clearance is required if you are dealing with sensitive information or projects involving the government. There are any number of activities, not related to intelligence, that may require a security clearance. Daniel Ellsberg, in a recent article, mentioned he had one working for the Rand Corporation. The security clearance is probably for off campus activities involving the CIA. All it means is that to the best of their knowledge, you are not a spy and are a loyal American.

They need to work on that proposal! It seems vague and unfocused. Recruiting some kid out of high school with no track record seems rather stupid.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Sep 12 2009 - 2:10pm