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Actually this alliance was triggered by the fact that Al Qaeda doesn't play well with the other insurgent groups. They were causing problems for mainstream Sunni and Iraqi Nationalist groups. Our alliance is based on our mutual distaste for Al Qaeda, and will probably last until they are defeated. If we leave Iraq after Al Qaeda is defeated, we will depart as "friends." If we stay, they will be our enemies again. Since we had no business being there in the first place, it sounds fair to me.

Except for two sensible ancient cousins who were Unionist during the Civil War, my immediate ancestors fought for the Confederacy. Some of them must have killed Union soldiers. Confederate soldiers were forgiven, so I do not see why these people can't be forgiven too. They might not be angels, but who is an angel in Iraq. As far as I'm concerned, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are the only reason we should have for any troops in anywhere in the Middle East or Afghanistan. I know they were not there before this war, but they are there now.

Operating in the Middle East, Muslim allies are essential, and Europeans are optional.

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Sep 5 2007 - 4:14pm