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Can we see that live-feed that Harry Shearer had with Matthews & Tom DeLay talking about Frank Luntz's data on Sen. Clinton & Kerry?

That was some hot man love.

Shawn Fassett

Seattle, WA

Apr 2 2007 - 5:10pm

Web Letter

The 'boy sopranos' of MSNBC are one of the great mysteries of our times.

Alterman accurately depicts the pitiable Matthews' fleeting loyalties to seemingly unlikely personalities from Tip O'Neil to Richard Nixon to Dumbya Bush as being related to his adolescent fascination with swaggering bully boys.

His latest Giuliani swoon is but the latest stupefyingly idiotic manifestation of Matthews'current wet dream

. I can hardly wait for Chris' orgiastic squeels when Hulk Hogan tosses his hat into the ring.

Roy Murtishaw

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Mar 24 2007 - 7:41pm

Web Letter

This article could not be more on the mark regarding right wing water boy Chris Matthews.

I get so tired of his recent act in which he pretends he was so against this Iraq fiasco from the very beginning. If you go back and view many of his shows at the beginning of the war, it will be readily clear to all that he was cheerleading and fawning over macho retired generals doing pro war spinning such as Barry McCaffrey, as much if not more than he was raising any sort of skepticism.

Also, how can anyone be taken seriously as any kind of professional or fair minded journalist who can readily admit, as he has done, that he voted for "worst ever" at least once and maybe twice without the least hint of shame or embarrasment.

He's a complete joke.

John Kwiatkowski

Los Angeles, CA

Mar 23 2007 - 5:49pm

Web Letter

When I listen to Chris Matthews I feel like I'm listening to my fifth-grade teacher discuss the most basic elements of politics, but she was at least speaking to fifth-graders.

For a person who has spent 30 years of his life in and around Washigton politics I would expect to hear something significant. How many times is he going to bring up Hillary Clinton's high pitch voice which makes her sound like she is screaming?

I never thought anyone could make Joe Scarborough sound informed until I listed to Chris Matthews talk politics.

Tom Pisano

Shirley, NY

Mar 23 2007 - 1:29pm

Web Letter

Wow! I truly wondered if there was anyone out there that really watched Hardball.

The one thing overlooked in your on-cue article is his inappropriate comments to female guests. He comments on their looks in a manner that is way, way out of line.

I'm surprised the guy hasn't been sued. That may be the average guy on the couch thing but some things belong to the guy on the couch, not on television.

Jeanette S. Harris

Hornell, NY

Mar 22 2007 - 7:39pm

Web Letter

We tune in to "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart because we want to laugh. We tune in to Chris Matthews for serious news commentary. If you happen to get a chuckle while watching Hardball...well that's a bonus.

Chris Matthews combines true, tough journalism with occasional, but reliable "regular guy on the couch" comments. The viewer is allowed to enjoy a few "Hey I thought that, too" moments.

I would liken it more to Seinfeld than to a Man Crush. Chris Matthews, like Seinfeld, notices that socks disappear in the dryer. But instead of socks, Matthews observations focus on Barack Obama's slight love handles or Dick Cheney reminding us of the crabby old neighbor we stayed away from when we were kids. "Hey, I thought that, too."

Kim Stanley

South Riding, VA

Mar 22 2007 - 5:35pm