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To my ears, rather than swinging into a "kind of bolero rhythm" after the opening fanfare motif, Alexander Courage's original Star Trek theme becomes a beguine.

Stephen Bero

Grayslake, IL

Jun 10 2009 - 9:54am

Web Letter

Dude, this version was awesome. Who'd a thought that a concept from before I ten explosions, twenty lens flares, and ear-crunching sound to overcome my Halo 3 ADD. Not that I missed a theme or anything. I got it, dude, make lots of money for Paramount. Sweet!

My sister reads and she said for me to read Where Angels Fear to Tread, by Yolanda Pascal--sci-fi for Star Trek lovers. I actually read it, it was awesome. But it didn't have any music, so I had to run Ludo on my iPod. Tight!

Live long, dude, whatever.

Jill Jackson

Santa Monica, CA

Jun 3 2009 - 1:55pm

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