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There's a lot of bluster and useless words wasted on this election so I would simply like to thank the author for a series of questions that, while a bit under-handed at times, are still worth asking and more importantly worth answering. An informed public more and more needs to hear officials actually answering questions. Thank you.

J. Bodner

Cumberland, BC

Sep 19 2008 - 12:36pm

Web Letter

OMFG! The sneers that Sarah Palin elicits from feminists are just delicious. The "sisterhood" is determined to drown Ms. Palin, and will just die if she were to break that glass ceiling! I adore a good girl fight, and these liberal media feminists are pulling hair, spitting and proving what Chris Rock knows to be true: "You would think women would rule the world. But they don't. You know why? Because women hate women! Women. HATE. Women..."

I'm gonna embrace my XX chromosomes and join the bitchfest. As soon as the Republicans put a woman on the ticket that supports (gasp) republican views, all of Park Slopes' crunchy liberal feminist journalists slithered out of the woodwork ready to attack Palin. The feminist movement is now so ridiculously bitchy! So what if she's a woman? She's not like us! Get her! Thankfully, liberal feminists are as tough as the teacher's pet. Judith Warner, JoAnn Wypijewski, Katha Pollitt, and Cintra Wilson have all dug their unmanicured finger nails into Palin for the pettiest of petty.

The enlightened Katha Pollitt showed her support for the VP woman by tsk-tsking her for using her son Trig as a "campaign prop" and snorted that living with the Palins would be like a sitcom called "Leave it to Jesus." Can you feel the feminist bond?

The "objective analyst" Cintra Wilson hurled insults as sharp as butter knives: "Women, even if they are vice president, can always look pretty, worship their husbands in the fear of God and never, ever resist invasions from unwanted sperm."

The mature and level journalist Judith Warner wrote: "Thanks to the level of general esteem that greeted her ascent to the podium, it seems we've all got to celebrate the fact that America's Hottest Governor (Princess of the Fur Rendezvous 1983, Miss Wasilla 1984) could speak at all." Girls always get so catty about women who are successful and pretty.

JoAnn Wypijewski argues that she knows what's really going on in Palin's vagina and McCain's marriage by accusing McCain of sexism because he fiddled with his wedding band while eyeing Palin's breasts. Wypijewski went on to argue that Palin is symptomatic of Christians encouraging women by "promoting a particular image of married womanhood as sex machine, urged, as Dagmar Herzog notes in an interesting new book, Sex in Crisis, to 'keep their legs shaved and vaginas douched at all times. Just in case.' "

OMG, this girl fight just turned into a mud-wrestling mess! All that I can say about this feminist "analysis" of Sarah Palin is, thank God Palin came along when she did! I am a liberal Democrat who is thrilled with this new feminist image! The reason that girls in their 20s don't call themselves "feminists" is exactly because of this FemiNazi hijacking of the term. Girls of the Sex and the City generation don't identify with the asexual, granola-eating, Birkenstock-wearing brand of feminism. There is a culture of sexual, meat-eating, makeup-loving feminists that will body slam the (in the words of Camille Paglia) "prissy, victim-mongering, philistine feminist establishment." So who are these neo feminists who resemble Palin more closely then Hillary? In order to study them in their natural environment one should be keenly aware of their traits. To help observe them here are their top 10 signs:

1) A local nail salon, (you get extra credit if you find ones with dark polish)
2) Lining their inner lids with Urban Decay's "zero" pencil at Sephora
3) Reading UsWeekly while on the train
4) They order skinny lattes at Starbucks
5) Keep an eye out for them in the meat aisle of your local grocery store
6) If she texts, yes you found one...
7) She wears perfume
8) Watching/discussing reality TV
9) LOVES her boyfriend/husband unapologetically and completely
10) Laughs at Colbert's "The Word" segment featuring: Femistapo

Conversely, here are 10 signs that you are dealing with the Femistapo:
1) She considers a "basecoat" a manicure
2) Her beauty regimen involves bar soap only
3) She reads Ms. magazine
4) She orders decaf at Starbucks
5) Keep an eye out for them wherever your grocery store sells turkey bacon
6) She actually talks on her phone (extra points if she has a blue tooth headset)
7) She smells of patchouli
8) She brags about not owning a TV
9) Proudly refuses to cook
10) Manages to use the word "sexist" when describing art and jokes

Now that we have identified the important characteristics of the two feminist types, let's get back to Sarah Palin. Palin was selected because she's pro-life, pro-gun, pro-drilling and pro-tax cuts. She's fought both Republicans and Democrats on public corruption. She also has about the same amount of political experience as Obama (ten years total, pretty evenly split between state and federal level).

Sarah Palin's now legendary speech at the Republican national convention included a tribute to her husband. Judith Warner declared that Palin was "subordinate to a great man." Never mind her husband had her back that night, her words of love meant she's a "subordinate."

WTF? Where feminazis see a religious, "pro-life," moose-killing, inexperienced neglectful mother, I see something different. I see a spiritual, self-sufficient, involved, ambitious mother (who runs marathons to boot) and uses her extended family to enable her career. I'm pro-choice. But unlike the legion of feminazis, I can admire someone with different political beliefs.

The reason Palin is such a leap for woman everywhere is because she more closely represents modern American women. Some women do go to prestigious colleges, hold prestigious jobs, have prestigious kids and have prestigious husbands. (I admire Hillary too.) Others go to state schools, have military families, still have sex with their husbands and still manage to succeed on high levels. I dare to say that though Hillary is a Democrat, and espouses leftist views, she lives like a duchess and people know her because of her husband. Sarah worked her way through school and made her name by herself.

Christina Stroz

Brooklyn, NY

Sep 17 2008 - 5:14pm

Web Letter

Thanks for the great essay, though. Believe it or not, many of us in Alaska are totally aghast at the idea of our governor going breast to breast with Putin and Kim Jong Il.

Anyone interested in a time-share in Iceland?

Brooke Heppinstall

Palmer, AK

Sep 17 2008 - 4:31am

Web Letter

This is exactly why you're bound to be so disappointed the day after Obama loses the election. Aside from the humorous spin and jokes involved, this list betrays exactly the sort of snobbish elitism that the Democratic upper class is so steeped in. You probably have no idea that there's anything beyond indignation at how Obama has been treated unfairly in this.

Being a Yale man, you think everyone of worth should think like a Yale man, so the idea that someone might have moved from college to college w/o graduating, or might not have bothered voting until he was 25, might actually purposely give birth to a disabled child, or might have held a series of relatively unimpressive jobs, somehow makes them unworthy of serious presidential consideration. None of your friends did that. And after all, shouldn't the elite run the country? Shouldn't the proud intellectual heritage of Cardozo, Story, Marshall (both of 'em), etc. be the ones we should trust with the tough decisions? Maybe the answer is yes. Certainly the Ivy Leaguers would have it no other way.

What you fail to give serious consideration to, and why you will be surprised, is that the vast majority of Americans didn't do well in college, if they went at all. They've held, and been fired from, lots of crappy jobs you would never stoop to take. They don't bother voting, because they don't really follow politics and don't see the point anyway. They don't know anybody who went to a top-ranked college, much less the Ivy League (except maybe their doctor). They like stupid movies that you would never allow your children to see, and have three books in their house, one of which might be a Bible, but is even more likely a joke book. These people have nothing in common with (you or) Obama and don't see him as one of them in any way.

Then Palin comes on the scene and here's someone most Americans can relate to, both liberal and conservative, whether they agree with her politics or not. You can call her family a bunch of rednecks all you want, but you are only showing your own perpetual snobbery, and I feel 100 percent that come election day there are going to be far more people than you think who will vote for someone like them, rather than for someone who is not.

Obama is not going to win because he's a smart Ivy Leaguer, he's going to lose for that very fact. Nobody automatically likes smart Ivy Leaguers, except other smart Ivy Leaguers. The rest of us just feel sad that they spend all of their time reading and mulling over how other people don't do the right thing all the time. And they are generally no fun in bars, because only the worst of them know any jokes. And when they start calling the rest of us stupid because we don't think like them...

Robert Exton

San Fransisco , CA

Sep 17 2008 - 1:32am

Web Letter

I am 60 years old and have never been more frightened for my country and its ideals. This is probably the most regrettable presidential campaign in my lifetime, for its shallowness.

Does anyone know what Palin's education credentials are, and more importantly, what her attitude toward learning is?

In this pseudo-Christian country, the public doesn't really grasp what these Pentecostals believe in and what their outlook is. Obviously, honesty isn't one of their tenets, but hypocrisy must be. They are anti-intellectual, anti-reason, and proud of it. The supernatural explanation has priority over the rational. These End Timers have the attitude (like James Watt, Reagan's Interior Secretary--remember him? Or John Ashcroft draping a cloth over the bare-breasted statue?) "Jesus is coming--let's rape the earth of its resources and wildlife, since we'll be lifted up and Raptured any day now, and all the wicked perople, like tree huggers and PETA, will be left behind to suffer unspeakable torments." This is scary stuff, but I don't hear any honesty in the news media about it. They are afraid that it will hurt their market share and advertising revenue, no doubt. Or her supporters won't go to Disney World or the movies, which the media giants own. And since God speaks directly to them (like Bush and Iraq--remember him?)and they act through the Holy Spirit, they are never wrong, but everyone else will burn in hell forever. Personally, I say let the Rapture come and get those people out of here, and we who remain will restore the earth to the place of peace and beauty that it is meant to be.

As far as war with Russia goes, they welcome it, since there is a biblical prophecy about what they take to be Russia, coming down from the north to attack Israel. This is dangerous, but they believe they are doing the right thing, and who's going to talk them out of it, with a mind-set like theirs?

McCain "chose" Sarah Palin? Wrong. It was Karl Rove, the master politicaal puppeteer. Could there have been a more shameless and cynical move? McCain sold his soul back in those days when his campaign was going nowhere. This is part of the Faustian bargain he made--look at the phenomenal recovery he's made. He is without honor, but it works, and that's what counts. I do believe that with Sarah Palin on the ticket, he will win the election.

Stephen Van Woert

Altamont, NY

Sep 16 2008 - 9:06pm

Web Letter

The National Organization for Women has endorsed Obama for President: http://www.canow.org/canoworg/2008/09/now-jumps-in-on.html

Elena Perez

Sacramento, CA

Sep 16 2008 - 2:38pm

Web Letter

Thank you, Katha Pollitt. Your questions are precise, inescapably pertinent, and revealing even without the answers (or especially without them!).

Sunita Prasad

Brooklyn, NY

Sep 16 2008 - 10:59am

Web Letter

How can John McCain keep claiming the tenor of the campaign will change if Obama agrees to Town Hall meetings? Does he not have enough honor and trust in the American people to run a campaign just on the issues? Is he not maverick enough to run a campaign free of the same tactics that were used against him in 2000?

That is what I want to know.

Will Deyamport

Hattiesburg, MS

Sep 16 2008 - 9:15am

Web Letter

Sara Palin is a puppet of the neocons (more aptly, the neo-fascist thugs). She is nothing but Bush in heels. Just like Bush, she is depending on her so-called likeability, her "spunk," the ability to discharge verbal zingers on cue and to use her homeliness as a political weapon. Like Bush, she is able to fool the voters by hiding her incompetence and her unsuitability for the job of Vice President, and perhaps of President, given McCain’s age and health. Many voters are unwilling to consider what is known about the state of the country and the world, continue to disregard the potential impact of the problems that we face and are oblivious to another four years of the Bush’s failed policies if the Republicans win. Neocons created Bush, and they are at it again. And just like Bush, the same people will run the country if McCain/Palin wins. I think this is partly a consequence of the failures of the spineless Democrats, who connived with the criminals such as Richard Perle, Paul Wolfwitz, Doug Fieth, Ronald Rumsfeld, Dick Chaney, et al., and enabled the war in Iraq, to prosecute these neo-fascists for war crimes, probably fearing that their own collaboration would be exposed. Even the well-meaning but cowardly Democrats completely failed to comprehend the political benefits of an open trial of these thugs! We are in for a tough time if the criminals and their roles in this election are not exposed and discredited. If McCain/Palin wins, it would embolden them to an unimaginable extent.

M. Siddique

Chevy Chase, MD

Sep 15 2008 - 2:13pm

Web Letter

After being pronounced "supremely under-qualified," along with Ms. Pollitt's other condescending, snide comments, why should Governor Palin answer any question of Ms. Pollitt's? As a matter of fact, Palin is ultimately answerable only to the American people come November and not to any media, especially not The Nation.

Charles Jackson

Atlanta, GA

Sep 15 2008 - 9:27am