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What is yet unknown about the whole of the Lee Atwater imbroglio is that there was an underlying reason why Lee Atwater's brain blew up as a manifestation of the consecuences of the disdain of the sanctity of the crossroads. Atwater regularly virtually obliged black tied-to-Africa bluesmen to consent to play guitar with him at his leisure and for his own sick purposes. It is a known fact that when one who has the heads of Africans and wields power because of them and then actively pursues to debauch, vilify, sully and spit on the name of those great players who are because of their visceral ties to deep black tied to spirits of yore, then that white person who yearns and debauches black at the same time will amuse Elleggua of the crossroads,who will cause those crossroads to explode in his head of those many heads. Thus was finished Atwater. It is possible that his swiping heads and simultaeneously causing deep pain and perhaps death to a deep black with anscestral tie triggered the volatility, and ultimately the explosion in Lee's head.

These things occur occasionally and without absolute reason.

Felipe Palacios

Brooklyn, NY

Oct 9 2008 - 12:12am