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What an irresponsible article. Who is David Cay Johnston to think that the United States should turn sovereign nations into vassal tax collectors?

I fail to understand how less tax money equals less civilization.

More tax money equals bigger government. Bigger government equals less political liberty and economic freedom.

David Mueller

Blacksburg, VA

Nov 25 2009 - 1:42pm

Web Letter

It occurs to me that there's a compromise here. If companies want to be listed out of the Caymans, they should be allowed--If they have an actual, physical headquarters there, complete with primary residences for the top executives, all subject to physical verification by the US embassy.

The people of the Caymans get a better economy, we get more of our tax money (many companies will prefer higher taxes to being away from their customers), everybody, except for the aspiring tax-dodgers, wins. Thank you.

Michael Griffin

Pueblo, CO

May 21 2009 - 5:04pm