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Your article is a consistent abstract of the various points of view of the labor unions on global warming and what has to be decided to redirect our society toward a less carbon-emitting organization with sustainable activity.

I think a carbon tax, progressively up to $1 per carbon kilo (nearly equivalent to 1 $ per 1.5 gasoline liter), would be the necessary financial driver for this huge move. We have to do this quickly if we want to limit the impact of global warming. Lester Brown and Al Gore are of the same opinion. What do you think of this idea--which will be better implemented if there is a global consensus on it?

The carbon tax is unpopular because it is a financial effort that will hit low-income people harder than wealthy people, who can easily afford the price of this pollution, but the global warming fight is a big one that we cannot win without sacrifices, and the help of labor unions on the tax ground would be decisive.

Jean Sireyjol

Begles , France

Mar 11 2008 - 6:40am

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