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Anyone who thinks the Social Security "surplus" can be looted for any purpose has not been paying attention to events "on the ground" as they say. That money was looted long ago for the noble purpose of buying votes. All that's left is government IOUs. Good idea, but way too late!

Michael Cuddehe

Denver, CO

Feb 19 2009 - 1:04pm

Web Letter

I just read some of his bio from Googling his name and clicking on a Time magazine article. He sounds like a buddy of mine who likes to drink his beer from the bottle in bars with peanut shells on the floor. He also looks like the kind of man that you don't want to challenge to a fight. This guy will never quit and would die swinging.

James L Pinette

Caribou, ME

Feb 19 2009 - 2:37am

Web Letter

Ron Bloom is not "labor's man." What happened to the Bethlehem Steel retirees is one of labor's greatest and latest tragedies: not a new model to replicate at the Big Three, Dana, Delphi, etc. They lost everything and Wilbur Ross made millions. I suggest you read the following (carefully) and not simply recite the business press's rave reviews of Mr. Bloom and company. He, like serial CEO Steve Miller, set out from Wall Street to partake in the new vulture niche--that is, bankruptcy court union busting, worker buy-offs and VEBAs. Nothing more.

Bob Mabbitt

Flint, MI

Feb 17 2009 - 5:29pm

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