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I enjoyed the article. Although it is humorous, Kabobfest takes a very strong political view that includes attacking Arab Americans like myself who challenge the failed policies of the Arab community to reject peace with Israel, speak out on civil rights--and that includes denouncing anti-Semitism and Holocaust deniers--and seek to bring Palestinians and Israelis together.

While Kabobfest has some writing talent, some of the writers engage in hatemongering not just directed at Israelis but also against Palestinians and Arabs who challenge the traditional community politics by embracing moderation and speaking out against extremism.

If you are a Palestinian who supports peace with Israel, they'll try to be funny in a very hateful way. The real challenge facing Arab Americans is their dysfunctional approach to rights: they insist that the mainstream media recognize their voices, and yet they are the most intolerant when it comes to voices of moderation witnin their own community.

I guess that can be funny.

Ray Hanania

www.TheMediaOasis.com<br />Orland Park, IL

Sep 12 2008 - 12:47pm