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Let me recover my balance for a moment as I digest the news of Mr Gonzales' resignation. I heard about it for the first time at The Nation on the Web.

Mr. Huq touches on the principal actions, opinions and statements that have made so many uncomfortable with Mr Gonzales and brought him so much criticism. The former AG's outlook was so contrary to what many citizens believed are the fundamental constitutional and legal understandings about how the US should act both at home and abroad and so lamely explained and justified, one wonders why this day was so long coming.

However, if timing is everything and after many months of stonewalling and expressions of support, the question "Why now?" must be asked. Has a plan been launched that connects the departure of his long-time political advisor Karl with the resignation of his long-time legal advisor Alberto? If so, what happens next and when?

Some may say it's just the rats leaving the ship or the house of cards finally crumbled or it was just high-time for this. I'm not concluding anything, just keeping my eyes and mind open to possibilities. Although the judgment policies, and actions have so often been faulty and a failure, Bush's term isn't over yet and after all there's the 2008 election campaign coming into full-swing.

Watch what they do, not what they say, is the best advice here.

Tom Hardenbergh

Bath, MI

Aug 27 2007 - 11:45pm

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