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There is a great new book out there. I can only guess how Vice President Al Gore had to be frustrated to write The Assault on Reason. I have been trying to publish the same kind of warning for ten years in the New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek and everywhere else, including our own The Nation. I failed miserably. I am not surprised by behavior of the major newspapers. They are controlled by the advertisers and their concept of what's marketable and acceptable to the mainstream.

The people know our world is ruled by the facts and reality. The true leaders know that our world is ruled by principles. The power of principles is going to create the new facts and reality. If the principles fail to control reality, they are not principles at all.

To glimpse into our future, all we have to do is to look what's happening with the ruling principles. Our principles are our early warning system.

We have abandoned the concept of right and wrong. We have a new system of values based on the left and the right. There is no wrong anymore.

Isn't it extremely confusing to explain that the right is wrong and that the left is right?

The fundamental treason committed by the right is their success in persuading us that being rich equals being moral. Being rich is indeed an indicator of hard and smart work, but being rich is an indicator of possibly being greedy, unfair, deceptive and intentionally misleading in order to maximize the profits.

The Bush Administration is filled up with the rich and successful officials. Are you satisfied with their leadership?

The GOP fooled us into believing that any candidate without support of big money is just a loser. Using the same GOP principle even Jesus himself couldn't have been elected to lead a nation for he wouldn't be able to pay for political advertisement and reach the voters.

In our minds Dennis Kucinich is just a loser for we don't see him of TV or cable enough, although he was the most prominent opponent of the Iraq War from the very beginning.

Why do we think and act in such a way? There is a new religion we follow. It is called the Commercials. What we see on TV must be true. Hundreds of billions dollars are wasted every year on either harmful or useless advertisement. We are trained to think and act in a wrong way.

Have you seen any commercials lately? Out of an ocean of despicable ones here is a quick and random choice of few.

The same mortgage companies that persuaded us to take the adjustable rate mortgages are now prodding us to take fixed rate mortgages in order to keep our inflating payments under control. The difference is several thousand dollars in closing costs of refinancing. Do you truly believe those companies didn't know this when they tutored and lured you with the low initial rates?

What about the cost of buying new cars even if your two-year-old one works perfectly well?

If each and every car company advertises heavily, there is no comparative advantage to any company and it just increases a final price of product.

It would be a tolerable behavior if an average family wasn't already in $20k-$40k credit card debt.

What about all those beauty products like makeup, hair depilation, boobs job, nail polishing, hair curling/straitening/greasing? If each person is doing it, there is no comparative advantage to any individual and it represents just an enormous waste of time and money.

We might look cool but we ain't smart.

By wasting all this money on things we don't need we have no money to pay for the taxes so our governments runs the budget deficit by borrowing from the foreigners, consequentially paying them an endless amount of interest and ruining our financial competitiveness.

The same government failed to negotiate the prices of healthcare, thus letting the cost of medical services skyrocket what burdens our economy and makes it less competitive on the world market.

The worst thing with our new religion--of the Commercials--is its fundamental teaching that the business is always right and whatever they do is in our best interest.

The problem with the Commercials is that they undermine both our democracy and our traditional religions.

Unfortunately, there is no separation of the Commercials and the government. There is just an enormous interference of the new religion into governmental affairs.

One of the worst things is that the Commercials interfere into every pore of our life, even in the start and duration of sport events, number of time outs and distracting the athletes who are actively competing by demanding that they say something for drama-hungry media.

There is nothing sacred for the new religion. Memorial Day--just the perfect moment for another sale. Christmas--show your faith and love by spending money. Independence Day--a time for big tent price reduction.

The worse thing is that we are forced to spend two times more time on things we love like a game or a movie for they are constantly interrupted by commercials. As you know we are chronically short on time, so any commercial we are forced to watch comes at expense of our homework, our physical exercise, the continuous education or just good quality family time. The irony is that we, the customers, pay for all those commercials, even for the profits on it. Everything is included in the price of product or service we eventually buy.

The real threat is that both major parties are positioned wrongly, under a full spell of the new religion and there is nobody who could fix the problem.

For that very reason all our major problems have kept deteriorating during last quarter of century, ever since President Reagan denounced a governmental right to keep the beast under control and ended limitation on amount of commercial broadcasted to regular Americans.

Federal debt, budget and trade deficits, Social Security solvency, export of American jobs overseas, illegal immigration, encroachment upon our civil rights, responsiveness of our elected officials to the will of voters, the reliability of our media, terrorism, our international credibility, never-ending wars...

You know the facts by now.

Have any of these improved lately since the new religion has been imposed upon us?

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 31 2007 - 9:21am

Web Letter

Democrats have not taken sole responsibility for US defense and foreign policy since before the Civil War. We have supported and been supported by so-called Moderate Republicans. So, even with a "packed" Supreme Court and huge Congressional majorities, FDR felt compelled to work around unformed popular sentiment and Nazi-sympathizers in both parties by secretly colluding Winston Churchill.

Now, with reports that Dick Cheney is subverting Bush/Blair and trying start a war with Iran by colluding with either Olmert or Netanyayu in Israel or, maybe, with just mercenaries on a "black" payroll, patriotic Democrats should wonder how good an idea our extraconstitutional habits really are.

Some on both sides of a partisan divide believed or, at least, said that "partisanship stops at the water's edge," implying that a "bipartisan" foreign and defense policy was inherently better than a partisan one. This elitist jingoism has the effect and the intent of rationalizing some deal already made. It stops open deliberation cold and, finally, becomes self-fulfilling and self-justifying. It leaves the people open to conspiracy theory and ignorant of matters a self-perpetuating elite have reserved unto themselves with, I would add, little obvious learning or wisdom.

Whatever justification such bipartisanship had during the post-Reconstruction era or over the course of the Great, World and cold wars, it is now just a matter of wishful thinking on the part of corrupt or cowardly Democratic officeholders as well as their BoWash, Wall Street, City of London, and Washington consultants, pimps, and camp-followers:

The only operative coalition in defense and foreign policy today is a bizarre one, except for Joe Lieberman, wholly within the GOP, and even that may be coming apart at the seams.

There are no Moderate Republicans, and Democrats who rely on them are now OTF--soldier-talk for "out there flapping," referring to a mangled corpse in a free-fire zone.

Oh, but if the Bush Administration is coming unglued, that is a reason to put Humpty-Dumpty back again, is it not? Maybe, if that is what it takes to prevent another coup d'etat--Cheney dispensing with his puppet and starting another war this summer!.

But, if Democrats want to sustain and extend the "Blue Wave" of 2006, take control of the U.S. Senate, and win White House in 2008, they better start thinking what what "responsible, two-party government" really entails: Why that would be a disciplined majority party that can (1) actually uphold the US constitution even when it is inconvenient or dangerous for their own Blazing Saddles careers and luxury retirement plans, (2) articulate a patriotic and popular foreign policy, and (3) provide for the common defense without "rolling the log" across the aisle.

John Robert Behrman

Houston, TX

May 25 2007 - 10:43am

Web Letter

Today (May 24), a NY Times/CBS News poll was released indicating that 76 percent of the American public--including a majority of Republicans--say that the current troop surge is having no effect or making things worse.

Also, 63 percent of the public believe the United States should set a withdrawal date from Iraq sometime in 2008. Yet, the kicker is that 69 percent say that Congress should appropriate money for the war as long as benchmarks for Iraqi progress are attached.

The Nation editorial's last sentence states that Americans should make clear to their representatives that they should use the "power of the purse" to halt Bush's disastrous war.

This clearly defies the political reality of the situation. Congress simply will not deny funds to end the war while polls show 69 percent back continued funding for the war.

The "benchmarks" referred to are problematic as well since, as Kucinich has so boldly and bravely pointed out yesterday in a stemwinder speech to Congress, the primary benchmark being angled for would basically amount to the largest rip-off in planetary history--the theft of Iraq's multi-trillion dollar oil reserves by multinational oil giants.

Where does this leave us? There doesn't seem to be an available answer at the moment unless some sort of crystallizing event or revelation can break up this historically tragic case of national gridlock.

It is pertinent to add that the rot in the Bush White House is echoed by the rot in our legislative branch as well, and undoubtedly provides a large portion of the explanation for the summary removal of a withdrawal timeline in the face of overwhelming poll numbers in support of said timeline.

William J. Kool

Hudsonville, MI

May 24 2007 - 4:42pm

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