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The Hidden Casualty of the Debt Deal

The underground economy will grow

I agree, but unless there is an equal violent reaction to corporate manipulation of our different divisions of government; there will be no change. Every single branch of our government is corrupt. The president has to follow Wall Street’s wants because he can’t rely on the courts or Congress to support his decisions. So my assessment of this particular change of our governance will be more underground/black-market expansion.

The reasoning behind this is easy to understand. If the government won’t listen to the cries of the nation, then the population will build an underground organization to subvert the government’s decisions—something similar to the underground train for the anti-slavery revolution.

What this effectively will do is subvert government, much like what happened in the abolition of slavery; the same thing happened to alcohol prohibition as well. The black market took over and forced the government to acknowledge the citizen’s choices. That’s why the black market will always survive—because most governments don’t listen to the population. And those that want a better life tend to float between both legal and illegal choices.

Drugs are a perfect situation going on right now. Does anyone really think that the government will be able to stop the flow of drugs coming into the country if they are cutting back on governmental funding? Same is true of the pollution caused by big corporations; government can’t regulate these big businesses because they control the lobbyists that buy our politicians.

So yes! You are right, and if we want to see real change we need to throw our support behind the underground that will eventually grow into a force large enough that the government will pay attention to it. Just like with Blackwater/XE, there needs to be equal force to push back.

Look at what is going on in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. All of them are different versions/levels of democracy trying to surface. Egypt is pure in its efforts, Libya is being propped up by other democratic nations and Syria is fighting with brutal results on its own with tyrannical control overpowering its efforts. No one really knows if any of these nations will succeed, but the “style” of democracy is varied. It’s up to the population to decide which direction to take when struggling to exist and being tested. Our country has been through a civil war but now needs a reminder of just how difficult that struggle was. I believe that when the population of minorities becomes the majority, there will be another revolution and, personally, I will be behind them.

I still plan on voting until the supremacy elitists manipulate my option to vote, but I believe that they will continue to subvert those choices as well. Look at what’s going on right now with each state and the limitations on voting and what changes are now beginning to be placed on it. This is a futile effort to control the nation for as long as possible.

Perhaps this letter will give you some ideas about future research on underground organizations.

Mexico is in this situation right now. And many of its citizens are coming here to escape the violence, so believe me when I suggest that this option might be going on right now. Weapons are our main source of revenues, so why wouldn’t it be the “thing” that brings us down into a mediocre society? Heck, I think we are nearly there right now. Our country ignores its basic needs… infrastructure and education… hmm. What do you think?

Jill Gilliland

Somewhere in MI

Aug 5 2011 - 11:25am

The Hidden Casualty of the Debt Deal

No trust in neoliberal nostrums

If you turned on the business news today, you would know that the Dow has gone down over 350 points. At one point, it was down over 400 points.

While the markets try to ignore the loss of jobs in America, they know that the jobs of ordinary people that support 70 percent of the American market. No jobs, no American market!

The luxury goods market has also tanked. Since the neoliberal's plan is that the wealthy 1 percent would replace the 70 percent of consumer spending support by jobs, they will need to rethink that plan.

Tomorrow, Friday, a new jobs report is expected, but no one is optimistic that the news will be good. It would be a safe bet, that the Dow and other markets will continue to fall.

Since the president and Congress is hooked on a austerity budget, it means the continued downward spiral in jobs that support the economy. Unless they have a born-again experience, we will not be able to replace them until 2012. The economy will be toast, until their is a serious effort by the government at job creation. We know that big business is sitting on a pile of money and could hire people, but “investors” like the temporary lift on their dividends that cutting jobs supplies. It is temporary, because those jobs support the market. No jobs, no market!

In 2012, you need to ask the candidate if the support “free trade and globalization”. If they do support these trade practices, you vote against them. I’m afraid you will have to wait for 2012 before economy begins to improve, but only if we replaced those idiots in Washington.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Aug 4 2011 - 3:17pm

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