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Can someone please counter the attacks Palin is launching against Barack Obama? Can someone please speak up and make some valid points about her so-called experience? Now that more and more information is being made available about her, the cracks are showing. For example:

While she mocks Barack's community-organizer role in favor of her vast experience as mayor of her tiny hometown, we should point out that she wasn't a very good mayor. The financial condition in which she left the city, as opposed to the condition it was in before she became mayor, leaves a lot to be desired! And she wants us to believe that she can contribute something to the dismal economic position we are in now? Take a look at Wasila's fiscal year budget in 1996 vs. 2003. She also boasts her personal property tax cut as an example of what she could do for us as Vice President? Sure she did cut the tax, then she simply shifted it to motor vehicle fees. If she becomes VP, maybe she'll cut taxes for the rich and shift it to the middle class. Oh wait, Bush already did that...

Claiming that she is qualified for Vice President (and, God forbid, President if anything happens to McCain) is similiar to her claims that she was qualified to be mayor. So much so that her first order of business upon becoming mayor was to hire a city manager because she was clearly in over her head.

She's a watchdog for corruption? Too bad she wasn't watching herself when she used resources available to her as mayor for her unsuccessful run for Lieutenant Governor.

She is vindictive--there's a good quality. She fired people who didn't support her in her run for mayor and tried to destroy her ex-brother-in-law. I guess that's about as much as you can get away with on the limited power the mayor of a small city possesses. Imagine what she can do to those of us who didn't support her run for VP once that kind of power is in her greedy little fist! She may very well release the plague in all those blue states...

She is absolutely outraged that anyone would dare question her ability to balance her family and her political responsibilities. Interestingly enough, she herself was quoted in 2004 by the Anchorage Daily News as saying she wouldn't run for Senate because then she couldn't be a "hockey mom." So she'd be better equipped to be a hockey mom and caregiver to a special needs mom as a VP than she would have as a senator? How dare anyone in the press mention any of these sexist opinions, only she is allowed to publicly question her own ability to balance a political life with family needs!

Shall I go on? If these things are true (which can be easily verified), they need to be put out there!

Where are all of our Democratic reps, while she is positioning herself as the supreme being of good judgement and character? Why aren't they out there in the media informing the voting public what the "real" hockey mom is like instead of sitting back listening to her do a hatchet job on Obama?

Ruth Barra

Weston, FL

Sep 5 2008 - 3:59pm