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Thanks Tom Engelhardt. A rather brief but comprehensive overview of W. and his eight yrs of destruction. It's a terrible shame that those that blindly supported him never bothered to read about his background before voting for him. What else could any intelligent person have expected of him knowing of his previous life of failure and denial. Stupid is as stupid does. The real shortcomings were not so much his as it was of the press and those that elected him. That failure still exists and could repeat itself. Although he may appear to fade into obscurity,the power and wealth he transferred to himself and others will still have catastrophic results in the future. Mark my words.

Anthony Waters

Fort Pierce, FL

Nov 8 2008 - 4:40am

Web Letter

Thank to Mr. Engelhardt, for this essay, and for all the work he's done to bring some light to the world. I have enjoyed reading his pieces for quite some time.

I have a suggestion. In addition to laying the Bush years to rest, I suggest retiring the usage of the various forms of the word "crony." Cronyism, cronies, whatever. I teach junior college, and young people today have no idea what that word means. It is an anachronism.

Surely a more powerful word could be brought into public usage that would dramatically illustrate the damage that the practice of "cronyism" does.

I don't have a suggestion, but I think someone could come up with one.

Lee Elliott

Corpus Christi, TX

Nov 5 2008 - 11:17pm