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I just finished looking over the Feminists for Fetal Life website and cannot believe this organization supports pro-life. Would they like to remove all autonomy from a woman? Women get pregnant for many reasons, and often through no fault of their own. What about rape....what about the mother's health and/or life? I guess regardless of the woman's circumstances, she must give birth to her baby, even if it means she dies....now that's compassion! Would FFL rather a woman go back to back-alley abortions, using coat hangers?

I was surprised, to say the least, that actor Patricia Heaton is a prominent spokesperson for this group. I used to believe that "once a Catholic, always a Catholic." I don't think so. I know someone who used to be and is no longer. He learned to think for himself.

Feminist thought and pro-life... I never thought I'd see these two opposing thoughts in the same line. Feminism is....the freedom of choice and supports a woman's total autonomy over her own body. When a feminist organization starts pulling a George Bush mentality--"faith-based values"--then it's time to question if Feminists for Fetal Life, meet the definition of true feminists. Thank you, Katha Pollitt, for stirring the pot of the status quo....a dangerous way of thinking for all women.

Carol Mariane Nye

Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Aug 8 2007 - 10:53pm