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When you deregulate or legalize crime and gluttony, you end up with criminals running the system. Just don't turn your back and don't let the criminals leave with your kids' future. Start by cleaning out the federal government, regardless of party, and check where each senator and Congressperson was and what they did for the past fifteen years. Pay attention, folks, if you want your country back. Don't let senile old dudes and pathological liars get away with telling you that they are for you.


Caribou, ME

Sep 19 2008 - 7:33pm

Web Letter

Let's keep AIG nationalized. Why return it to private ownership when that whole system has so clearly failed? Instead, keep AIG under government control so it can provide public services, like low-cost health insurance.

Keep Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae nationalized as well, so they can provide low-cost mortgages and housing to the poor and working class.

This is an opportunity to break with free-market capitalism that doesn't come around every day, and we progressives should take advantage of it.

Michael C. McHugh

Des Moines, IO

Sep 19 2008 - 6:09am

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