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"The anger and indignation is there for a national necktie party. "

Not if the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Div, USArmy, Ft. Stewart, has anything to say.

After thirty-five months' accumulated experience in counterinsurgency in Iraq, the 1st Brigade is now the first to be staioned on standby duty within the US. None dare call it counterinsurgency within the homeland, where the 1st Brigade's role is now known as Consequence Management, i.e., rapid military response to suppress civil unrest.

The neckties will be worn by the thousands of detainees rounded up by the 1st Brigade.

Welcome to the new nation. It's no party.

R.H. Weber

Brooklyn, NY

Sep 25 2008 - 12:08am

Web Letter

Nicholas von Hoffman is absolutely right about this corporate financial Empire holding a gun to our head (and our democracy)--and they are attacking a "bridge too far." Now is the time to restart and complete the American Revolution!

In today's Washington Post George Will quotes Rep. Barney Frank: "No one in a democracy, unelected, should have $800 billion to spend as he sees fit.... That's not the way to run a democracy"--but then "economic royalist" Will goes on to use the scarecrow of socialism, communism, etc. to argue that democracy should prevail in only the "political" sphere of our indivisible political economy, while economic Empire should rule the economic sphere.

This is not what the American Revolution taught about expunging the whole of the combined political and economic tyranny of the British Empire--and this overreaching ruling-elite "corporate/financial Empire," which has now almost killed our democracy by hiding behind the facade of its two-party "Vichy" government, is going to rue the day it tried to attack "a bridge too far"--just as the redcoats did at Concord!

The continuation of the American Revolution in Boston and New York this week is being started "by the people," not by the governors, senators, fake president and others beholden to the Corporatist Empire--just as the original American Revolution was stated "by the people" in Boston, Lexington, and Concord, and not by King George's appointed governors and "political tools" in the colonies.

Economic Empire will always subsume and destroy the indivisible political economy of any people if empire is expunged only from the political sphere and allowed to fester and grow like a cancer spreading from the economic sphere of a hidden royalist ruling-elite. As Professor Rick Wolff of the University of Massachusetts notes: "The egalitarian...society envisioned by social democracy (across the indivisible spectrum of both political and economic self-governance) cannot be secured so long as it leaves in place a group of people with incentives and means to prevent that." That's why the American Revolutionary army drove the economic royalists all the way out of our country--and kicked their asses from Castine Maine to St. Andrews!

No traitors, loyal to economic empire, can be allowed to stay in any nation that wants full democracy and self-governance by the people over their indivisible political economic lifeblood and society. Our founding fathers well knew in their genius of democracy that only democracy must prevail throughout their lives, society and nation. That's why corporations operating through the British Empire, like the British East India Corporation were so hated and excised beginning at the Boston Tea Party.

Alan MacDonald

Sanford, ME

Sep 24 2008 - 8:54pm