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A Conversation With Saudi Women's Rights Campaigner Wajeha al-Huwaider

Uncle Sam’s wake-up call from the Islamic world

Shame on the USA and Secretary of State H.R. Clinton for supporting and arming the most misogynistic kingdom of Saud, to suppress and dehumanize women. This gruesome obscenity was created and is sustained by the United States to demoralize the entire population via fear, public executions spectacles and shadowy ex-CIA contractors, to enforce subjugation to the kingdom and US hegemony. The uneducated, “benevolent,” cruel dictators foisted on Islamic people have to give way to democracy, jobs and wealth for all beautiful hard-working followers of Islam.

Up to now, hardliners in the United States have ensured through various devices that Protestants Catholics, Hindus, Jews and Islamic Uncle Toms enjoy life and liberty.

Islamic people are denied basic human rights, the freedom to exist freely and travel.

China, India, Russia and Brazil are rising, So reach out and make peace with the world of Islam. Otherwise, history will judge US capitalism as a big bad irrational ogre feasting on the people of beautiful, civilized, beliefs via bloodthirsty despots.

The time is now for the US to take the path of progress to a new age or remain backward, uncivilized with twentieth-century institutions and mindset. Hurry up, Uncle Sam, or you will miss the last bus!


Naz Karsam

West End, Ca

Jun 15 2011 - 12:12am