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This article demonstrates well what level of mind Gore Vidal had and what direction it would have taken a true nation of readers (such as one we do not currently have), had he had the audience. Think of it: no war on terror (because his thoughts ran counter to those who inflicted terror, only to have it revisited on us), no war in Iraq, none of the Bush/Cheney junta's crimes, no bailout needed (had private business simply done business fairly), and no National Security Act, an act that has morphed and is now seen to have undermined the natural freedoms of regular folks such as you and I. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" has been a positive mantra since the mid- or late-'70s, initiated by the United Negro College Fund. America, unfortunately, no matter how hard Gore Vidal has tried, has essentially wasted Vidal's valuable and insightful mind.

Riad Mahayni

Richmond, VA

Oct 10 2008 - 2:14pm

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