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If you are charged with stealing a loaf of bread, the media will print and broadcast your name as an "alleged" criminal. However, if you are convicted of aiding and abetting the kidnapping of an individual for the purposes of transporting him to a country where he can be tortured, the names of the guilty are kept secret. It seems members of the CIA are treated as if they are above the law, while the rest of us, too often, are treated as if we are beneath it.

Bush, Obama and the mainstream media apparently believe the law is something to be manipulated by the powerful against the powerless. In my ongoing effort to expose the true terrorists in this War of Terror being perpetrated against the subjugated and disenfranchised people of the world by my government (with the aid of Hosni Mubarak and our other corrupt buddies), here are the names of the recently convicted CIA criminals:

Robert Seldon Lady, Joseph Romano, Sabrina De Sousa, Lorenzo Gabriel Carrera, Ben Amar Harty, Anne Lidia Jenkins, James Robert Kirkland, Eliana Isabella Castaldo, Brenda Liliana Ibanez , Victor Castellano, John Thomas Gurley, Gregory Asherleigh, George L. Purvis, Lorenzo Carrera, Benamar Harty, Raymond Harbaugh, Pilar Rueda, Joseph Sofin, Monica Courtney Adler, Cynthia Dame Logan, John Kevin Duffin, Drew Carlyle Channing, and Michalis Vasiliou.

You will notice that these are just the underlings, as even the Italian courts were not so presumptuous as to charge the leaders of this criminal conspiracy.

We can't force Obama to act morally and to live by the laws he took an oath to enforce, but we can at least expose him for the hypocrite he is. Protecting the guilty using the veil of our "national security interests" should be getting old, even for the true believers at The Nation.

David Gondek

Fox Lake, WI

Nov 4 2009 - 9:56pm