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Again the news from Bolivia is 500 years of discrimination of the indigenous people, as is the situation from Nunavit to Tierra del Fuego, Capetown to Cairo, India, Australasia and the Pacific Islands, since Balboa left the European shores in the late 1400s. The problem is that tomorrow morning these indigenous people are more likely hungry, without running water and poor housing. Morales has disavowed the Christian church in this constitutional change. There was a group of Indians at the headwaters of the Amazon in the nineteenth century who were self-reliant and proud as long as the Christian church left them alone (100 years), and when the missionaries finally invaded their land, they were waiting for handouts from the church. We should be ashamed of these facts.

Radhakrishna Pather

Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Jan 26 2009 - 11:55am

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