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Mr. Scahill, as others have said, surely deserves international recognition for his timely and incisive reporting on the real issues in Iraq. I heard this recorded interview with Mr. Kinani several days ago on Democracy Now!, with Amy Goodman, and I had to pull my car to the side of the road. It was so powerful. As a parent, I could not imagine retelling this story, reliving these images over and over again. To see the article, with Mr. Scahill's background information, and the horrors the family still endures, with our federal judiciary dismissing the claims against the Blackwater organization (which, to me, is a complete travesty of justice), is unimaginable. The inner strength and compassion that Mr. Kinani must be blessed with is beyond my comprehension. Thank you for presenting this story, with all its sadness and tragedy, so that others may gain insight and strength from a distant family suffering such a loss.

Jamie Gagan, MD

Santa Fe, NM

Feb 3 2010 - 9:26pm

Web Letter

This is just to say thank you to Mr. Scahill for retelling Ali and Mohammed's story in such a sensitive, detailed manner. Too often, the Iraqis who have given their lives or lost loved ones in the name of this senseless war remain nameless, faceless entities in the eyes of Americans. Though undeniably painful to read, Mohammed's description of the events surrounding his son's death will stay with me for quite some time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for forcing your readers to face the pain our country has caused in recent years-- and for not allowing the realities of this ugly war to disappear amidst all the recent coverage of domestic issues. We cannot keep treating our fellow human beings this inhumanely.

Anna Waltman

Northampton, MA

Jan 31 2010 - 3:22pm

Web Letter

The Bush & Obama governments are both complicit in mass murders created by Blackwater Murder for Hire by the USA.

Blackwater and the entire group of Bush & Obama gangs are responsible for all these murders of innocent civilians.

The USA is always talking of democracy, but never practice what it preaches.

The USA is guilty of planned murders of millions of innocent civilians worldwide.

Paul Welch

Miami, Fl

Jan 31 2010 - 12:40pm

Web Letter

Dear Mr. Scahill: Thank you for your very fine work. I hope that you stay safe.

Is there a way we can support Mr. Kinani? I would like to express my sorrow for the loss of his beautiful son.

As an American, I would like to apologize for my government, looking like it protects the thug contractors it is still in business with. Are there any petitions for justice here? I hate for Mr. Kinani to meet only silence from the American people.

Mary Lickert

Charleston, WV

Jan 30 2010 - 8:51pm

Web Letter

I am stunned and horrified after listening to Ali's father's story.

I am ashamed that our American government has not punished the Blackwater men responsible for this massacre.

Ali's father sounds like an honorable man and it is truly sad that America does not honor him by prosecuting the murderers of his son and the other victims.

This journalist is truly dedicated, and I am thankful that he and the others like him strive to tell the truth... how else would we ever know the truth?

Please do not give up!

Roberta Hall

South Bend, IN

Jan 30 2010 - 3:13pm

Web Letter

This story is one that all of us should own. To think that this would not happen... or has not happened... is being in denial about the nature of war, of violence, of self-righteous control of one people over another. The story haunts me the same way as the continuing reports of civilian deaths by drones. I feel responsible for this young boy's death. And while we point the finger at Blackwater, the truth is that mercenaries kill because they are mercenaries. That is what we hire them to do. When they become drunk with power, we have provided the potion of power. I was sickened by the case being thrown out on a technicality. Sickened, not surprised. All of us are on trial and we hate it... but we continue to tolerate the intolerable.

Jeremy Scahill wrote a story that was hardly fiction. It will become a movie--a good one--and we shall pay to see it... and the move will be fiction, because to accept it as fact is just too painful. And yet, it is fact.

What do we do where we stand? That is the large question: how we each live our lives so that we do not hire mercenaries so that we do not have to take responsibility?

Susan Mazer Smith

Reno, NV

Jan 30 2010 - 11:34am

Web Letter

I am currently deeply engrossed in reading Mr. Scahill's book Blackwater, which I find to be both engrossing and and shocking. Although I do not know that there is any connection between the facts of both, there is a certain familiarity between parts of it and parts of "The Family," by Jeff Sharlett.

As a retired New York State criminal court judge, and the first recipient of the Justice Thurgood Marshall Award for my actions in blowing the whistle on a corrupt police homicide squad and district attorney's office, I can only imagine the life that both Mr. Scahill and Mr. Sharlet are leading after their honest attempt to expose the workings of both of these shadow organizations, despite the rewards they may have received from publication.

It's somewhat ironic that for the past seventeen years, since failure to be renominated by my own political party which was run by my former law partner, long since deceased, that I too am a resident of North Carolina, the apparent home base of Blackwater.

I refer you to the "biography" page of my website, and simply say "kudos" to Mr. Scahill, and reach out to shake his hand as if I were in his presence.

Judge Stuart Namm (Ret.)

Hampstead, NC

Jan 30 2010 - 6:13am

Web Letter

My heart goes out to the family of little Allawi. As a parent and a veteran, I am shocked and appalled by the assault on the Iraqi people. I know that there is no amount of money that will help the pain his family has suffered but at least his story will be told.

I often wonder why some American people still feel it is okay for us to invade a soverign nation, inflict unimaginable horrors on innocent people and expect those same people to support us. What would Americans do if another country decided we were a threat and invaded the US? How many "insurgents" and "terrorists" would rise up to fight such an invasion?

Unfortunately this child is one of hundreds of thousand men, women and children killed or maimed by this horrible war and its henchmen.

Jeremy Scahill is one brave soul to stand up and expose Blackwater and the government that let them loose on the world.

Elaine Parry

Eagle River, AK

Jan 29 2010 - 7:00pm

Web Letter

I think Jeremy Scahill deserves the Pulitzer Prize for his articles about Blackwater. Without him we would never know the truth. Nobody else has reported like this. Nobody.

Thank you for excellent journalism.

Tina Issa

Chicago, IL

Jan 28 2010 - 7:12pm

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