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At what price is freedom?

For years and years, the CIA have utilized private personnel and firms, including the Washington Post among others, to gather information, blaze new intel trails, and keep our country free. If not for these dedicated people and patriots, we would now, without a shadow of doubt, be under a communist dictator or Muslim rule.

Does Mr. Scahill honestly think Mr. Prince is in business for the money, what with the benefits he inherited from his Holland, Michigan, sale of his business to Johnson Controls? Not hardly, my friend.

If not for Christian patriots like Mr. Prince and others in our intelligence organization, we will be doomed to fighting hand-to-hand against these radical terrorists in our own streets.

Hillary Clinton made a deal with Obama for healthcare reform and to rid Blackwater of government contracts because BW management would not bow at the Clintons' feet.

Intelligence has no place in politics; politics has no place in intelligence. We, America, need our covert operators and our human intelligence as much as we need our satellites.

After thirty years in the Middle East and witnessing the things my mind still finds hard to believe, I can tell you that this is a religious war. When all the BS is stripped off the bone, it boils down to a Muslim surge to rule our land.

America can leave every Muslim and Jewish state in the world--cut off all contact with them, just as the Muslims want, and they will still come after us. Why? Not money but power. They thrive on power.

If you love your family and enjoy the lifestyle you now criticize others for giving you, then you should be thanking them and God Almighty.

Jim Posey

Columbus, IN

Feb 16 2010 - 11:33pm

Web Letter

"Who else has built a fob along the main infiltration route for the Taliban and the last known location for Osama bin Laden?" Yes, Mr. Prince, when all else fails, wave the dead boogieman of bin Laden at Americans.

Except we know better now to not be scared by Pentagon-manufactured boogiemen who only serve to further the wars that are benefiting Wall Street and a certain Pentagon general who wants to trade his barracks for the White House.

One thing we can be sure of in the Afghan theater of war is lies and more lies. First the bomber was an Afghan Army suicide, now he's from Jordan? Get your lies straight before telling the MSM.

Who's to say the bombing wasn't caused by the CIA ops loading up with C4 some drugged-up Afghan whom they planned on turning loose in a crowded market, but someone goofed and accidentally detonated the explosives?

That's as plausible reason as any that comes out of the multitude of lies we have been told and continue to be told about the wars for Wall Street and Israel.

Greg Bacon

Ava, MO

Jan 7 2010 - 7:09am

Web Letter

Scahill has done outstanding work on exposing Blackwater and the federal government's continued use of paid killer mercenaries in "security operations." If only this work could do more than outrage readers! I personally believe that under either party the federal government will happily continue to use "private contractors" in incredibly sensitive roles who really are just hired guns looking for the biggest dollar. This reliance on paid killers discredits the nonviolent portions of our foreign policy, and is a chronic disgrace to the United States.

Seymour Friendly

Seattle, WA

Jan 6 2010 - 6:11pm

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