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I assume that this is an example of the bipartisanship that the Republicans have been asking for since Obama was elected. The GOP would be extremely amusing if they weren't doing their best to destroy the country. I can only hope that by 2010 even the south of this country has woken up and we can get the Senate GOP minority to under forty Senators.

Thomas Paul

Plainview, NY

Jan 14 2009 - 1:07pm

Web Letter

Right before the war on Iraq started in March, 2003, I sent correspondence to each and every senator expressing my opposition to our invasion. Only four senators bothered to respond. Norm Coleman was one of them. He claimed to feel personally "threatened" by Saddam's ominous "Weapons of Mass Destruction." Did he truly believe that? Anyway, that was Norm Coleman for you.

john molina

Chula Vista, CA

Jan 9 2009 - 3:47pm

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