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I agree in respect to the fact that America has been and is in decline. That said, the only real way to elevate people above poverty is to give them good-paying long-term employment. America has lost much of its manufacturing base and the good jobs these business provided. I had to laugh when Conley talked about limiting the pay and bonuses of CEOs and a tax cut for the lower wage earners. As if this would really make a difference! Yes, giving the dog a dog biscuit makes you feel good, but it does not really feed the dog. I have great disdain for people who say they care about the poor working man but at the same time want to raise taxes on the business and people who create jobs. Taxes that make a business less competitive and force them out of state (e.g., California), out of the country or out of business. Yes, as business taxes and taxes on the " rich " have gone up, America has gone down. All in the name of fairness. And now we expect to fix all that with more taxes. I think the working man of today would be a lot better off today if people like you did not care so much and were a little less " fair."

Mack Blalock

New Braunfels , TX

Mar 8 2009 - 9:19am

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