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It is a good news that President Bush invaded Iraq. Imagine what kind of problems we would be in if he invaded China. We would instantly figure out that the Chinese are as big terrorists as the Arabs are.

Anyway, we could rest assured that Senator McCain would declare that it didn’t matter how we had ended up in a war, all it matters was to win it at all cost.

If Mr. McCain were a car, he wouldn’t have a steering wheel.

What is a car good for if its only option is going straight forward or straight into an abyss.

What is a presidential candidate good for if he is absolutely predictable and if he doesn’t have a reserve option?

What is the President good for if he can not abort the wrong mission?

The question is what our problem is, President Bush for starting an unnecessary war or our bias that the Arabs are too incompetent and inferior to win a defensive war.

By the way, if China invaded us, would it be possible to have free elections here?

Has it been possible for Tibet to have free elections?

How insane is to talk about free elections in an occupied country?

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

Apr 8 2008 - 6:50am

Web Letter

Y'all are missing the point about McCain, the Panamanchurian Candidate, the Butcher of Black Mesa.

He is the GOP sacrificial lamb in 2008. Like Bob Dole in 1996, the GOP is throwing him under the bus to get him off of their plate for future plans.

But this is not 1996. Then we had a Democrat President mired in scandals running for re-election, control of both houses of Congress, and a good economy. They could afford to throw Dole under the bus because even if they lost everything was status quo and relatively good.

Fast forward to 2008. We have a lame duck Republican President, the Democrats control both houses of Congress, and the economy is is very bad. None of the elements of 1996 are present, yet they want to do a Dole to McCain. This time they can't afford to do that, but they don't see it yet. If they do and they lose, the Democrats increase their numbers in both houses of Congress, perhaps even to veto-proof land. A Democrat gets elected to the White House, meaning two more Supreme Court nominees for the left once Stevens and Ginsberg leave. The Republicans will be reduced to Whig status. But they don't see it coming.

So what's a true, non-neocon Republican to do? Support RINO McCain? No, since he has so much baggage he'll be repeatedly torpedoed all the way to the election (two relatively unknown and unreported examples I listed above, and there are a LOT more!), perhaps so bad that McCain does a Mondale. Support Dr. Paul, the only other Republican (and true conservative) left? Sure, and that would give the Democrats a run for their money, considering that Dr. Paul is the only one who gets what is going on with the economy and its ties to the war. But Repulicans won't do that because they overdosed on the Islamofascism fear Kool-Aid as fed them by their corporate masters. Go third-party? Why not? The GOP isn't going to win with liberal RINO McCain and they won't nominate true conservative Dr. Paul, so a third-party vote for a Bob Barr or similar is a strong message sent to the GOP leadership that they are totally wrong and everybody else knows it.

No matter how it is sliced, the GOP is royally screwed. The only way the GOP can win is a complete collapse by the Democrat nominee, or by martial law suspending the elections, whether it be by a false flag incident or the real thing. All of the misnamed Straight-Talk Express in the world won't help.

Michael Seebeck

Riverside, CA

Apr 7 2008 - 3:39pm

Web Letter

McCain doesn't have to keep anything straight. He can just keep on blathering like the senile fool that he is because he has the one big advantage- the support of the main stream media.

No one illustrated it better than Jerzy Kosinski decades ago in Being There. John McCain is our very own, real life Chauncey Gardner--and he is probably going to be the next president.

John Giarratana

Jersey City, New Jersey

Apr 7 2008 - 11:03am

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