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Gore has a lot to say. He is stating his case. The problem is he isn't stating the facts.

The fact is climate change does not follow changes in co2 levels. It never has, and unless Newtonian physics flies off its axis, it isn't going to start now.

You can feel any way you like about CO2. You can hate it, scream at it or use it to create a global warming business. It doesn't drive climate change. The oceans produce so much CO2, in such vast amounts, that our CO2 is like a pinch in a sand box.

The worst thing about this latest craze is that I don't hear near as much about good old pollution. Good old filthy dump-it=in=the=river poison. How about the algae that marine biologists say is a real threat to our existence? Why is it with all the things, real fact based emergencies, available do people join in a frenzy over something that science doesn't support?

We're not so much a level-headed citizenry of what was once a fine nation as we are a fan club. That's it; fan club politics.

Don't get me wrong I think fossil fuel burners of all types should be done away with. There are a lot of good reasons. A lot of what we do as governments is criminal. I think we've been intentionally thrown off track as part of a global chess game.

But that's a long story.

Doug Wilson

Portland, OR

Mar 26 2007 - 6:38pm

Web Letter

Never have I seen someone so taken by a sleazy politician as Mr Hoffmann, from the content of his article. Gore is a flaming hypocrite, making his own monumental & personal contribution to global warming through his lifestyle & then justifying it with "eco credits" Sorry Al, send 500000 killowatts worth of gases into the air and the damage is done: you can't take it back, especially by planting trees somewhere else that won't start doing their job for another 15 years.

Gore has always been one of those elitists who, because of his "vision", plans to do what is best for all of us whether we need it or not whether on economic or social issues. Mr. Hoffman may submit to this rejector of individual thought if he chooses: I need no Al Gore to keep me straight.

Chip Thornton



Mar 26 2007 - 9:40am

Web Letter

It is hard to believe that someone could call Al Gore a statesman.

He has more the sound of a religious fanatic. In addition, he appears to be a hypocrite.

Gorging himself on energy and then trying to buy his way out of the guilt by purchasing carbon offsets.

Hardly statesmanship. Give me me a break.

Jim Adams

Sherman Oaks, California

Mar 23 2007 - 6:00pm

Web Letter

The only reason Al Gore 'dwarfed' the others was because he appears to outweigh everyone in the room by 80 pounds.

To the serious part, however he is impassioned, which comes through, but he is also wrong about CO2 being the cause, instead of the byproduct of warming. While we all tax ourselves to death (as if companies won't pass on these taxes to the public in a regressive manner) the earth will continue to warm or cool based on solar activity. We should be planning to adapt, not pretend that the capping of CO2 will make a difference.

Man made CO2 contributes less to the overall amount than animal wast, and even insect contributions. The ocean the largest contributor of all (who owns that, so they can be taxed?).

China opens a new coal power plant every week, do you think they will agree to put the brakes on their growth and prosperity?

The deaths experienced in the poorest parts of the world will make wars look like a good thing.

That's OK, he and the other rich people can just kep purchasing carbon offsets, while the rest of us eill be forced to go back to wood stoves.

Jim Thompson

Charlotte, NC

Mar 23 2007 - 5:15pm

Web Letter

Al Gore is even more full of himself now than he was before.

He refuses to debate anyone on his slide show. That's because that facts, and the only facts, show the opposite of what he says. All of the ice cores taken in the 1980's show that thew CO2 increased after the warming. The temperatures actually decreased from 1940 to 1975, right when were pumping tons of CO2 into the air. If he was correct, this could not happen.

Also, the temperatures have not warmed since 1998, again, with China and India in full swing this could not happen. Add to that he's a complete hypocite. He is not helping the cause. He has become a cartoon figure, and will be remembered as such.

John Miller

Olathe, Kansas

Mar 23 2007 - 4:56pm

Web Letter

It would help if walked the talk e.g. have a house that burns up only 5 times the energy of an average home, as opposed to over 10 times.

Mr. Gore wants everyone else to crimp their meagre and modest lifestyles, while he continues his lavish existence,

Ramana Sonty

Tenafly, NJ

Mar 23 2007 - 4:42pm

Web Letter

Did a third grader write this piece? It is just absurd. As a business owner myself please explain how taxing the pants off companies will create jobs. I watched two minutes of "An Inconvenient Truth" and heard Gore lie about how the US is the greatest contributor by far of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Currently, China is almost on a par with us, will pass us in the next two years leaving us in the dust. After that lie I did not wait to listen to any more "conventient lies".

Carolyn Henry

Dallas, Texas

Mar 23 2007 - 4:26pm

Web Letter

Thank you for acknowledging that we are in the presence of a true statesman.

I often wonder how different the world would be today, if Al Gore had not been stripped of his presidency.

We can only hope he decides to throw his hat in the ring for 2008.

Patrice Elmore

Levelland, Texas

Mar 23 2007 - 4:01pm

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