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Finally America is paying attention to the pyramid scheme that American corporations and banking have become. Not only have we mortgaged our country but we borrowed the money from China, not one another like in the old days. Our kids and their kids are going to pay for our stupidity. Now we have a bunch of idiots who are pushing that we allow other countries to bail us out, which means that foreign countries are going to own the country that our parents worked so hard to leave us.

There are no innocent people here, just pure gluttony. I think I just heard that giant sucking sound.

Buffett, by the way, has just finalized a billion-dollar deal with China for cheap labor and he is headed for Vietnam next.

This is not the Great Depression, this is a global meltdown. We need world consensus now. The gluttonous are going to have to be begged to return some of the wealth transfer that they have conned us into giving them.


Caribou, ME

Sep 28 2008 - 8:13am

Web Letter

"Contrition"? We're beyond that.

The question is whether Dems can continue writing this nonsense until the day of the election and without ever having demanded that Pelosi return to them their rights to impeach.

Cameron Jones

Indiana, PA

Sep 27 2008 - 1:35pm

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As usual, William Greider has recognized the problem, stated it succinctly and come up with a realistic solution; the South African example is wonderful and would give everyone a chance to clear his/her conscience. I certainly hope Barack Obama will read this article and realize the importance of the truth in his run for the presidency.

Nancy M. Shea

Savannah, GA

Sep 27 2008 - 12:02pm

Web Letter

Yes, it's obvious you're not Catholic, otherwise you'd know that absolution only comes after a perfect act of contrition, followed by... penance.

From this Bible-belting crowd, with their direct line to the Almighty, we're not about to see either.

R.H. Weber

Brooklyn, NY

Sep 26 2008 - 3:25pm