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October 16, 2006

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  • Editorials

    Test on Terrorism

    The godfather of vicious anti-Castro violence, Luis Posada Carriles will soon be released from US custody. Is that any way to treat a terrorist?

    Peter Kornbluh

  • Accessories to Torture

    The only thing compromised in the Senate's catastrophic "compromise" of the enemy combatants bill is the rule of law and our democracy's basic principles.

    the Editors

  • The FCC Scandal

    It's official: Revelations that the FCC suppressed reports on the danger of media consolidation prove the agency is overwhelmingly biased in favor of big media.

    John Nichols

  • Mexican Scramble

    A flawed election and Andrés Manuel López Obrador's social mobilization are putting Mexico's feeble democracy at risk.

    Sergio Aguayo Quezada

  • Iraq and Reality

    Throughout the Iraq debacle, intelligence and analysis have not mattered to the Bush Administration. The White House will continue to duck reality all the way to election day.

    the Editors


  • Books and the Arts

    The Dubya Diaries

    "Some expert on CNN said, 'A stitch in time saves nine.' And I thought, Doesn't anyone speak clearly anymore? Nine what?"

    Rosecrans Baldwin

  • A Metaphysical Materialist

    Philosopher Walter Benjamin married Marxism and theology in an attempt to give hope to the hopeless.

    Richard Wolin

  • Modern Love

    Two new biographies of Clement Greenberg take the measure of an ambitious art critic who had a knack for predicting success.

    Barry Schwabsky

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