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  • Editorials

    An Alternative to Austerity

    In the looming debt-ceiling fight, progressives must make the case for protecting social programs, raising revenues and cutting the Pentagon budget.

    the Editors

  • Why Has Obama Pardoned So Few Prisoners?

    Cases like that of Weldon Angelos, who was given a fifty-five-year sentence for selling marijuana, cry out for mercy. But calls for clemency have fallen on deaf ears.

    Sasha Abramsky

  • Noted

    Christie Thompson on the Wilmington Ten, Greg Mitchell on Al Jazeera America, Aura Bogado on Idle No More, John Nichols on Gerda Lerner

    Various Contributors

  • The Triumph of the Far Right in Israel

    The upcoming Knesset elections mark the culmination of settler dominance over the country's politics.

    Noam Sheizaf

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  • Letters


    “Financial, economic, military and political” inertia, fracking, National Socialism, Henry James, the Battle in Seattle

    Our Readers and Leo Robson