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February 6, 2006

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  • Features

    President Jonah

    As his State of the Union message approaches, we deserve a rest from the fundamentalist presidency of G.W. Bush, whose guiding principles are antithetical to democracy and will only accelerate our decline.

    Gore Vidal

  • Eating Ourselves to Death

    The toxic food industry is fueling a preventable epidemic of diabetes. Most vulnerable are poor children, barraged with ads urging them to eat the sugar and grease-laden food that will eventually kill them.

    Nicholas von Hoffman

  • The Slave Side of Sunday

    On the eve of the Super Bowl, former cornerback Anthony Prior raises hot-button allegations of racism in the National Football League.

    Dave Zirin

  • Does the President Really Know Best?

    OK, everyone who has studied the unitary executive theory of the presidency, raise your hand. Anyone? A former prosecutor examines what's behind Bush's legal fig leaf.

    Elizabeth de la Vega

  • The Big Fix

    Repair America's infrastructure, starting with New Orleans; resettle displaced people in the city, give them construction jobs and pay all a fair wage.

    Dennis Kucinich

  • Realistic Immigration

    Grant legal status to hard-working, tax-paying immigrants; give up the illusion that law enforcement alone will solve immigration problems.

    Hilda Solis

  • Raising Up Youth

    Insure funding for programs with proven success rehabilitating violent youths and avoid the failures of the prison system.

    Diane Watson

  • Good Government

    Elect a Democratic Congress in 2006; restore ethics to Congress; block the appointment of cronies to key posts; stop the politicization of science.

    Henry Waxman

  • Education Mobilization

    Establish a first-rate education system to draw on our greatest untapped human resource: the children of our inner cities.

    Major Owens

  • Saving Small Farmers

    Give small farmers and ranchers help to compete with global agricultural giants; enact farmer-friendly solutions to existing destructive trade policies.

    Marcy Kaptur

  • Coming Clean and Green

    Rein in political and business interests that degrade the environment; pass the Apollo Energy Act to provide incentives for clean technology.

    Raul Grijalva

  • A Unified Security Budget

    We need a unified security budget to coherently allocate dollars to the military, homeland security and peacemaking efforts abroad.

    Rep. John Conyers

  • Out of Iraq

    Elect Congressional candidates who promise to end the occupation of Iraq and bring our soldiers home.

    Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee

  • Accountable Corporations

    Insure that the federal purse supports a progressive vision of economic progress that benefits all Americans.

    Sheila Jackson Lee

  • Model Healthcare

    Pass new legislation to insure the best healthcare for America's military personnel and make the Veterans Administration a model healthcare system.

    Bob Filner

  • Intelligent Reform

    Rein in the Bush Administration's culture of official secrecy and restore Congressional oversight of intelligence operations.

    John Tierney

  • Employee Free Choice

    Pass the Employee Free Choice Act to create more unions, keep workers safe from labor-law violations, preserve middle-class jobs and stabilize the economy.

    George Miller

  • More Media Owners

    Stop the dumbing down of America: Enact real reform to prevent the shrinking market of ideas caused by concentration of media properties in the hands of the few.

    Rep. Maurice Hinchey

  • A Patriotic Challenge

    Preserve our nation's core democratic principles by introducing significant reforms to the Patriot Act.

    Bernie Sanders

  • Medicare for All

    Create a stable healthcare system. Start by expanding the current Medicare system to cover more children and vulnerable adults.

    Pete Stark

  • Patriot Corporations

    Pass new laws that reward companies that care about America, its workers and its communities.

    Jan Schakowsky

  • A War We Can Win

    Win the global war against disease--AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and pandemics. America must deliver more food, medicine and development aid to poorer nations.

    Jim McDermott

  • The Right to Vote

    Approve a Voting Rights Amendment to the Constitution, granting all the right to vote; craft a unitary voting system for federal, state and local elections, guaranteeing an honest and efficient count.

    Jesse Jackson Jr.

  • Editorials

    When Will US Women Demand Peace?

    Polls show large numbers of American women have grave doubts about the Iraq War: But where are they? A new campaign aims to mobilize American women for global protests March 8.

    Medea Benjamin

  • In Fact…


    the Editors

  • A Is for Anti-Woman

    What's at stake for women if Samuel Alito is confirmed to the US Supreme Court? Reproductive rights are only the tip of the iceberg.

    Sharon Lerner

  • The Alito Failure

    As Samuel Alito cruises toward confirmation, the process of vetting him demonstrates the price we pay for one-party government.

    Bruce Shapiro

  • Ethics-Go-Round

    The House Ethics Committee has been defunct for a year: If now is not the time for both parties to get serious on Congressional ethics, when will it be?

    Ari Berman

  • Rocking the House

    The time is ripe for progressives to revitalize the state of our union: Americans are ready to undo the damage of the Bush era and turn to a just and peaceful future.

    the Editors


  • Books and the Arts

    President Jonah

    As his State of the Union message approaches, we deserve a rest from the fundamentalist presidency of G.W. Bush, whose guiding principles are antithetical to democracy and will only accelerate our decline.

    Gore Vidal

  • Soul Eyes

    Fra Angelico's genius for depicting the interior life--states of love, spirituality or anguish--is stirring the interest of contemporary artists.

    Arthur C. Danto

  • Just Us

    Three books examine American history through the scope of racism and racial identity.

    David Oshinsky

  • Pity the Region

    Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilization criticizes a self-righteous US foreign policy oblivious to the power of retributive justice in the Middle East.

    Augustus Richard Norton

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