Tribunal Injustice Tribunal Injustice

The regulations proposed to implement George W. Bush's order establishing military commissions for the trial of "international terrorists" are mere window dressing and will not c...

Jan 3, 2002 / Editorial / Herman Schwartz

Egyptian Justice, US-Style Egyptian Justice, US-Style

Once roundly condemned for his use of using military courts for civilian crimes, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is now in good company now that the US and the UK have adopted sim...

Jan 3, 2002 / Feature / Steve Negus

Enron Is a Cancer on the Presidency Enron Is a Cancer on the Presidency

Enron's Ken Lay is no stranger to not only the Bush family, but the Bush administration. Finally, reporters are starting to take notice and ask questions.

Jan 2, 2002 / Column / Robert Scheer

Ms. Heads West Ms. Heads West

What's next for Ms. magazine now that it's hit the ripe age of 30 and is now heading west?

Dec 20, 2001 / Books & the Arts / Lauren Sandler

Dissent Dissent

Now Ashcroft says his critics aid An enemy whose plans are laid To turn our torch of liberty quite dim. So we should say, "Do what you please, Forget the usual guarantees"-- Unless, of course, the enemy is Him.

Dec 20, 2001 / Column / Calvin Trillin

Begging to Disagree Begging to Disagree

In these heated times, what does the word 'fundamentalist' mean? Well, it all depends on whom you ask.

Dec 20, 2001 / Column / Patricia J. Williams

Idiocy Watch: The New Republic Idiocy Watch: The New Republic

The New Republic strains credibility with its 'Idiocy Watch'—it might want to keep itself in its sights.

Dec 20, 2001 / Column / Eric Alterman

AIDS: Another World War AIDS: Another World War

The war on terror is threatening to overshadow a far more deadly threat—the AIDS epidemic.

Dec 20, 2001 / Editorial / Salih Booker

Something Old, Something New Something Old, Something New

Media policy need to change in the digital ageā€”but how?

Dec 20, 2001 / Feature / Jeffrey Chester and Gary O. Larson

You Mean, We Won Something? You Mean, We Won Something?

With developments in the Mumia Abu-Jamal case and Pacifica's re-emergence, the left has a couple of victories under its belt; the Enron scandal develops further.

Dec 20, 2001 / Beat the Devil / Alexander Cockburn