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Mary Mapes

Mary Mapes is an award-winning television producer and reporter based in Texas. In a twenty-eight-year career spent primarily with CBS News and 60 Minutes II, she received a 2004 Peabody Award for an investigation revealing abuse at Abu Ghraib prison, plus numerous Emmys and Gracies, as well as awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Mapes is the author of Truth and Duty: The Press, The President, and the Privilege of Power, now in paperback. She lives in Texas with her husband, son and three dogs, and is at work on a book about the death penalty.

  • It’s a Scandal, All Right

    Media pundits and bloggers bloviate when journalists make mistakes. But where is their outrage over the biggest fraud of all: the way the media followed Bush to war?

    Mary Mapes

  • Election 2008March 6, 2008

    State of Confusion

    The caucus was raucous and the rancor will continue for weeks. But if you’re a Democrat in the Lone Star State, these are good times, baby.

    Mary Mapes

  • PoliticsFebruary 29, 2008

    A Season of Change in Texas

    As a crucial primary looms, Democrats in Texas have gotten the Party started again, as the state continues its remarkable shift from red to blue.

    Mary Mapes

  • Death PenaltyOctober 23, 2007

    Killing Time

    After years of performing executions at a pace that scares the bejesus out of the civilized world, Texas has put the brakes on its machine as the Supreme Court considers lethal injection.

    Mary Mapes

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