‘If You’re Talkin’ Politics…’ ‘If You’re Talkin’ Politics…’

Washington, D.C. As I have traveled the country in this election year, many progressives have asked me whether I believe a vote for Ralph Nader is justified to promo...

Nov 2, 2000 / Letters / Ani DiFranco, Our Readers, and Rep. John Conyers

Al, You Should Try Taking Credit Where Credit’s Due Al, You Should Try Taking Credit Where Credit’s Due

I want to vote for Bill Clinton for President again, but that not being possible I had resigned myself to Al Gore. Surely, I thought, he would defend the Clinton Administration...

Oct 30, 2000 / Column / Robert Scheer

If Politics Got Real… If Politics Got Real…

If politics got real...the debate over costly prescription drugs would turn to more fundamental solutions like breaking up the pharmaceutical industry's patent monopolies, which ...

Oct 26, 2000 / Editorial / William Greider

Impeachment: Whose Stain? Impeachment: Whose Stain?

Impeachment trials have notably lacked drama or even importance. Often, they have been an anticlimax to the convulsive events that precipitated them. Andrew Johnson's trial exten...

Oct 26, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Stanley I. Kutler

Bush–Rush to Judgment Bush–Rush to Judgment

"The death penalty's very serious business, Leo," Governor Bush condescendingly told a questioner in the third presidential debate. "There've been some tough cases come across my...

Oct 26, 2000 / Editorial / Doug Magee

In Our Orbit In Our Orbit

NO MIRTH IN THE BALANCE "Al Gore distills in his single person the disrepair of liberalism in America today, and almost every unalluring feature of the Democratic Party. He did ...

Oct 26, 2000 / Books & the Arts / The Editors

Not One Vote! Not One Vote!

Bernie Sanders is right. Ralph Nader is "one of the heroes of contemporary American society." How sad, therefore, that he is helping to undo so much of his life's work in a misg...

Oct 26, 2000 / Column / Eric Alterman

The Day After The Day After

In Chicago, in mid-October, I did a radio show with the Bill Buckley-ish Milt Rosenberg of WGN, a big station. Rosenberg said that because of the fairness doctrine our discussio...

Oct 26, 2000 / Beat the Devil / Alexander Cockburn

Down to the Wire Down to the Wire

Show-off argumentation or dime-store vision? It's too close to call.

Oct 26, 2000 / Feature / David Corn

A Texas ‘Advocate for Justice’ A Texas ‘Advocate for Justice’

The judge who chided Bush over aid to children is part of a state tradition.

Oct 26, 2000 / Feature / Lou Dubose