Campaign Finance: The Sequel Campaign Finance: The Sequel

With McCain-Feingold finally passed, it's time to focus again on public funding.

Apr 11, 2002 / Feature / John Nichols

Four Rms, Rent Slashed, Sad Vu Four Rms, Rent Slashed, Sad Vu

Having a hard time finding a new apartment to fit your budget? Consider a move to the blocks around Ground Zero. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the body set up by f...

Apr 11, 2002 / Column / Katha Pollitt

Social Security Fixes Social Security Fixes

Now that the recommendations of George W. Bush's Social Security task force have been quietly shelved, it's time to recall that there are simple and equitable solutions available ...

Apr 11, 2002 / Editorial / Paul Simon

Elizabeth Dole Elizabeth Dole

Get set again for Liddy Dole. She's back, to let the good times roll. She's entering another race, Her hair and diction all in place. (Her hair is even more precise Than tha...

Apr 11, 2002 / Column / Calvin Trillin

Letters Letters

MIA: WOMEN FIGHTING STATE TERROR Jerusalem We would like to thank Alexander Cockburn for his excellent March 25 "Beat the Devil" column, "The Nightmare in Is...

Apr 11, 2002 / Letters / Jon Wiener and Our Readers

{Empty title} {Empty title}

From a short essay on "Nationaljudenthum und Zionismus," in Die Kritik (Berlin) for August 7, we learn that the movement for the reestablishment of an independent Jewish state in...

Apr 5, 2002 / Feature / The Editors

Zionism–Alive and Triumphant Zionism–Alive and Triumphant

Of all the concepts which are associated with the Jewish problem and the outstanding effort which is being made toward its solution, perhaps none has become involved in obscur...

Apr 5, 2002 / Feature / Chaim Weizmann

A Solution for Palestine A Solution for Palestine

Jerusalem, November 11

Apr 4, 2002 / Feature / Albert Viton

Why Arabs Kill Jews Why Arabs Kill Jews

Jerusalem, April 20

Apr 4, 2002 / Feature / Albert Viton

White–It Gets Worse White–It Gets Worse

Six weeks ago, The Nation called for Army Secretary Tom White's resignation. White, former vice chairman of an Enron Ponzi scheme called Enron Energy Services (EES) was self-evide...

Apr 4, 2002 / Editorial / Robert L. Borosage