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Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance news and analysis from The Nation

  • February 12, 2004

    Twenty Ways to Think About Bush and His Money

    While the Democratic presidential candidates were bickering among themselves over accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists, a far more significant political development occurred: George W.

    David Corn and Micah L. Sifry

  • December 18, 2003

    Money, Money, Money

    It really is extraordinary. Bechtel is awarded the biggest reconstruction contract in Iraq without having to compete for it.

    Patricia J. Williams

  • December 18, 2003

    The New Money Game

    Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA), better known as the McCain-Feingold law, by a 5-to-4 majority, is the need for campaign finance reform over?

    the Editors

  • December 11, 2003

    Target: George Soros

    To declare oneself an unapologetic liberal in mainstream political debate these days is to invite abuse.

    Eric Alterman

  • November 13, 2003

    Dean With a Small ‘d’

    CLARIFICATION: In last week's editorial "Dean With a Small 'd,'" we mentioned Dick Gephardt's refusal to sign a campaign-reform pledge. The pledge, which strengthens public financing for future elections, is not binding for the upcoming primaries. Gephardt claims it should be. (11-19-03)

    the Editors


  • July 2, 2003

  • May 29, 2003

    Nonagenarians Against Cynicism

    Nothing deepens your cynicism quicker than the power of money in American politics.

    Eric Alterman

  • February 19, 2003

    Cleaning Up Santa Fe

    New Mexico is on the verge of joining those happy few states that have acted to rein in the extreme influence of corporate money on US politics.

    Matt Bivens

  • January 16, 2003

    No More Pigs at the Trough

    How to cure infectious greed.

    Arianna Huffington

  • December 12, 2002

    The Evil of Access

    Campaign finance reform can succeed--but only if the pressure stays on.

    Mark Green